Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss: 5 Smart Tips New Mothers Should Use

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Congratulations! You’ve given birth to a happy and healthy baby boy or girl. Those nine months of being pregnant might not have been the most enjoyable, but you’ve done an incredible job. Now your baby is here, you’ll probably be eager to shed those extra pounds you piled on during your pregnancy. This is a top priority for many new mothers who want to reclaim their body and feel like themselves again. However, losing weight when caring for a newborn is often easier said than done. You may not have time or energy to hit the gym each day and cooking healthy sit-down meals might also be challenging. But even though it is more challenging, it’s not entirely impossible. You just need to be realistic and understand that it will take time to get the results you want.

Many new mothers do go to desperate lengths to regain their pre-pregnancy body back. But extreme diets and extensive workouts can be damaging to your health and body as it continues to recover. So to lose your baby weight in the safest way possible, read through these smart tips.


Rethink your eating habits

Good nutrition is essential during your pregnancy to support your baby’s development in your womb. To do this successfully, it’s likely that you had to give up some of your favourite snacks and drinks. Now that your baby is here, it can be tempting to binge on all the food you’ve missed out on for nine months. But if you want to lose your baby weight, this is the last thing you should be doing. It’s likely that you will gain weight as a result of this binging, which can make it even more difficult to shed those extra pounds. Post-pregnancy nutrition is also vital to ensure you have the energy you need to care for your child. This is particularly important if you are breast feeding too. So rather than binge eating, it’s time to start re-assessing your eating habits.

Even though you might be short on time, go through the cupboards in your kitchen and remove any junk food. This will take away all of your temptation and prevent you from overeating. Replace these items with plenty of fruit, vegetables and whole grain foods. These items can give you the valuable nutrients you need while also keeping you fuller for longer. If these are eaten in suitably sized portions, you increase your chances of weight loss success tenfold too.

It can be easy to skip or miss meals when you’re looking after your baby. But this can leave you feeling exhausted and puts your body under additional strain. So look for quick recipes online that use all of the healthy ingredients contained in your kitchen. Smoothies, for example, are ideal as they can be eaten on the go but still contain plenty of fruit and veg. These recipes can make your healthy eating regime more manageable while also boosting your strength and energy.



Start working out slowly

While you might be eager to exercise as soon as possible to aid your weight loss, this is not always recommended. While working out is fantastic for new mothers, it’s important to remember that your body is still healing. Doing too much exercise too soon can be detrimental to your health while also causing pain and discomfort. So ask for guidance from your doctor for when you can get started. This will vary from a matter of days to a few months, depending on your medical condition. So you may need to be patient before you can get your exercise regime started.

When you get the go-ahead, don’t dive straight into high-intensity workouts straight away. Start slowly with light exercises such as stretching which can help to strengthen your muscles. Then you can gradually increase the intensity each week. Many new mothers find it difficult to fit in exercise around looking after their baby. So why not combine the two. You can take your baby for a walk in a stroller around a nearby park each day. You can lay your baby next to you while you practise yoga in your garden or living room. Search online for exercises with your baby for ideas and inspiration.

It can also be beneficial to visit your local gym to see if they hold any exercise class for new parents and their babies. This can be an excellent way to meet other mothers and gain even more motivation to reach your weight loss goals.


Sleep is vital

Now, don’t laugh at me, studies on new mothers found that those who got very little sleep each night were more likely to have difficulty losing weight. When your body doesn’t get enough rest, it releases a hormone known as cortisol. This can cause a buildup of fat around your tummy area which can be tricky to get rid of. It’s also been known to trigger your appetite which can cause you to overeat. When you’re tired, the last thing you want to do is cook and work out. So you’re more likely to eat unhealthy fast food and gain weight as a result. This can make losing your baby weight even harder.

To get firmly back in control, you need to get as much sleep as you possibly can to reduce the amount of cortisol being produced. If you are currently experiencing sleep deprivation, you might think that this is an impossible task. But there are ways that new parents can get more sleep each night. The most efficient method is by taking it in turns to tend to your baby during the night. You can also try napping when your baby naps throughout the day or going to bed at an earlier time. Not only will getting more sleep improve your weight loss success, but it will also fill you with more energy and lift your mood. This can give you the motivation you need to exercise, which can also aid your regime.


Be wary of supplements

In a bid to get quicker weight loss results, many new mothers will start using diet supplements. These supplements can help you achieve fantastic results if used alongside regular exercise and a healthy diet. However, while there are diet supplements which are safe for new mothers to use, not all of them are. This is because some of the ingredients used in the supplements can be transferred into your breast milk. If you are breastfeeding, your baby will then go on to consume these ingredients. As they are not designed to be consumed by newborns, this could have an adverse effect on their health. Understandably this is something you want to avoid at all costs.

So if you do want to take supplements alongside your weight loss regime, do plenty of research beforehand. There is such a wide variety to choose; from Orlistat to Trim Easy. So find out which ones are recommended and which ones aren’t. You should also talk to your doctor before you start taking diet supplements of any kind. They might recommend waiting until you have finished breastfeeding before you order orlistat online. Follow their advice closely to ensure you make the best decision for you and your baby.

With these tips to help you, losing weight after the birth of your baby won’t feel like such an uphill struggle. It’s not going to happen overnight so you will need to be patient and give your body time to adjust. You may not get back to exactly how you were, and that’s OK too. Give yourself some time and don’t put too much pressure on yourself to achieve results too quickly. As time goes on, your confidence will begin to build and you’ll like what you see in the mirror each day.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post, all opinions are my own

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October 26, 2016
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    Hi – I don’t have a baby but I’m always keen to hear about weight loss tips. I think the sleep thing is key. I eat so much when I’ve had a bad night sleep. I need to work harder at relaxing in the evening (and not looking at my phone!) so I sleep more deeply.

    November 2, 2016 at 8:01 am
    • Reply Midwife and Life

      I’m terrible for that, and too much wine!

      November 2, 2016 at 9:09 am
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