5 Ways To Stay Healthy During Pregnancy (#2 Is Extremely Important)

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Pregnancy is one of the highlights of a woman’s life. During this period, she experiences transitions that would eventually change her course.

I have been pregnant twice already. Moreover, let me tell you this: one pregnancy can be different from the other.

Of course, I experienced a lot of drastic shifts in my body. I have realised that sustaining two lives is quite tricky, especially if you don’t change your lifestyle and diet. Thanks to the support of my family and peers, I was able to overcome such trying times.

If it is your first time being pregnant, one of the things, apart from getting access to your OB GYN in Manhattan (for example), that you need to keep in check is your health. After all, if you are well-nourished, your baby partakes on the benefits as well. Here are five ways to stay healthy during pregnancy.

Start a Healthy Diet

When you are already on your way to motherhood, it is quite essential that you shift your diet already. You need to drop all those unhealthy items that are in your menu. From alcohol down to sugar-rich beverages, you need to strip them from your system once and for all.

What you need to do right now is to have a healthy and balanced diet. Fortunately, doing this is not difficult. Having veggies and fruits in your table daily can keep your system running and kicking. Foods that are rich in carbohydrates and protein are welcomed as well.

You have to ensure that you can meet your daily nutritional requirements. For pregnant women, the latter tends to increase because they are already supporting two lives. You can talk to a dietitian about the type of diet that suits you best. You can also use a free keto macros calculator to see if you are getting the right nutrients out of the food you eat.

Proper Hygiene

Pregnant women are susceptible to infection caused by bacteria and virus. They should never be near to anything that is dirty and contagious. Otherwise, they could expose themselves to unwanted complications.

Always take time to clean yourself. I don’t just mean that you have to make a bath regularly. It would help if you also washed your hands before you eat and wash again afterwards. You don’t need to go to overboard though, but remember the little things like ear cleaning that so many people forget.

You also have to be wary about the cleanliness of your home. All the furniture and home furnishings should be free from dirt and other contaminants. Dust, for instance, can cause allergies. There’s no need to be over clean though.

Drink a lot of Water

Aside from milk, pregnant women should also drink plenty of water. Eight glasses a day is not enough. It would be best if you went with ten glasses or more to ensure that your body remains hydrated all the time!

However, why it is essential?

Water is crucial because it is the very medium that delivers all the critical nutrients to the fetus. All the healthy stuff that you have acquired from the food you eat are delivered to your baby through this liquid.

Specifically, water improves the cells’ capacity to absorb vitamins and nutrients. These blood cells are the one that directly transports the natural supplementation to your little one. Therefore, if your body lacks water, the foetus inside you will be put into a dire situation.


Don’t ever think that pregnant women are excused from exercise and workouts. That’s the very thing that my doctor told me when I was still bearing my first child. “You should not be sedentary” she said. I just followed her, and somehow, it made the difference.

Women that don’t exercise during their pregnancy are more likely to have difficult deliveries. They are also prone to various body pains because of improper posture caused by pregnancy. Furthermore, they typically experience fatigue because of their physical idleness.

Some studies suggest that exercise can lower the risk factors of gestational diabetes. This particular type of diabetes usually develops in the middle of pregnancy. Just consult your doctor and see what kind of exercises you can do.

Sleep Well

Healthy sleeping patterns should be expected from pregnant women. They are the ones that should be prohibited from staying up late. They should be able to sleep for straight eight hours to ensure that their bodies can recuperate adequately.

Sleep is essential for humans. For pregnant women, it is a lifesaver. It prevents them from experiencing fatigue and other stress-related conditions. Anxieties and sudden mood swings are also vanquished when you have a good sleep.

However, let me tell you this: getting a good sleep while you are pregnant is difficult. Having the right mattress and sleeping environment can somehow ease this problem. Sleeping in your side can also help you in finding comfort and repose. A body pillow is a must!

Wrapping it Up

It is vital for a woman to be healthy throughout her pregnancy. It is only her body that would benefit from this but the baby that she rears as well.

Because of this, it is necessary that you take a close look at all the guidelines that I have mentioned here.

That’s it for now. For questions and clarifications, comment them down below.


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