Organising Your Christmas Decorations Early

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Christmas is fast approaching so what better time to start thinking about your festive home décor? Organising your Christmas decorations early enables you to come up with the trendiest designs, ensuring your home looks stylish and festive.

Here, you’ll discover some great tips to help you organise your Christmas decorations early and the top trends to watch out for.

Number one Christmas décor trend revealed

If you really want to stay on-trend, John Lewis has recently revealed the number one Christmas Tree theme set to dominate this season. The Rainbow tree is a unique, stylish and modern Christmas tree décor new for 2018.

You’ll need an assortment of different coloured baubles and the goal is to move through each colour from the top of the tree to the bottom. This creates a show-stopping look that’s sure to become a talking point with visitors. The trend is expected to be seen widely on social media so if you like taking part in the latest trends, this is definitely the one to focus on.

Classic chic

If multi-coloured décor isn’t really your thing, you could always opt for the classic chic look. This trend largely focuses on red and gold and one of its major benefits is the fact it’s likely to remain popular for years to come. It’s also easy to pick up decorations to fit this theme, with stores such as Cox & Cox providing luxury red and gold decorations.

Country chic

An alternative to classic chic, country chic is another popular look this year. It involves using natural materials and focusing on green elements. So, think of adding tree branches to a tall see-through vase, decorated with natural pine cones.

Candles also play a large role in this theme. In fact, if you want to follow it fully, it’s recommended you use a variety of candles in different sizes, colours and shapes, rather than Christmas lights.

How early is too early to make a start?

Now you know what the key Christmas decoration trends are for 2018, the question is when should you make a start? Long gone are the days when Christmas decorations were solely put up in mid-December. These days, it’s not uncommon to see them from as early as November. So, when you decide to put them up is entirely up to you. It is also worth noting that according to experts, putting Christmas decorations up early can make us happier.

These are some of the top Christmas decoration trends to focus on this year. The earlier you start to get organised, the less stressful you’ll find it when it comes to putting up the decorations.

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October 16, 2018
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