How to Add Warmth to Your Home Design as the Days Get Colder and Darker

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With the days getting colder and darker, what better way to escape the miserable winter weather than to turn your home into the perfect cosy retreat? There’s a lot of ways you can add warmth to the home in the colder seasons and here you’ll discover some of the best and most affordable tips you can follow.

Consider using blinds and curtains

As the days are getting darker, you’ll obviously want to let as much light into the home as possible. Blinds are perfect for letting ample amount of light in, but they aren’t exactly warm and cosy to look at. So, it’s worth considering using blinds and curtains during the winter months.

The curtains can be left wide open during the day, then closed, alongside the blinds, at night. Long, thick curtains are best for creating warmth as they’ll trap any cold into the window space when they’re closed. You can pick up stylish winter blinds to complement them from a company such as Direct Blinds.

Make your fireplace a focal point

You don’t have to have an open log fire to turn your fireplace into a focal point. These days you can pick up stylish electric fires, some which even create a real log fire or coal effect. Place a mirror or a warm piece of artwork above the fireplace to draw the eyes over to it. You could also add a nice rug in front of the fireplace for additional warmth.

Invest in thick comfortable throws

If you don’t have a huge budget, a great way to add warmth without spending a fortune is to invest in thick, cosy furnishings. Comfortable throws for the sofa and bed will make a big difference to how cosy the room feels.

You’ll want to pick either thick woollen throws or even faux fur throws for maximum effect. You could even use a thick comfortable throw as a blanket to save on utility bill costs.

Change the colour scheme

Another great way to add warmth is to change the home’s colour scheme. Painting the walls in a warm, calming tone such as brown, red or gold, will add both warmth and elegance into the home. It’s an affordable idea too, making it great for those on a budget. It’s easy enough to change the colour scheme again once the warmer weather arrives.

The above is just some of the ways you can add warmth to your home design as the days get colder and darker. Remember, the lighting will also play a key part in how cosy the home feels. So, be sure to add adequate mood lighting to set the tone.

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October 16, 2018
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