Pregnancy Shoes 101: All that You Need to Know!

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Oh, the joy of becoming a mother is by far the greatest! But, so are the trials and tribulations. The dads have got it easy, right ladies?! All they have to deal with are the temperament fluctuations, but we have to deal with so many changes. Some of which might not even have so called logical explanations. So, we definitely deserve some pampering during our pregnancy.

Our waist and feet carry the maximum weight. Now, you can lie down from time to time, but that is not enough. You need the right shoes. You might not know it, but you not only need maternity dresses, you also need maternity shoes. These do not need to be over-sized, but must be of top quality. Why not look through sites like Groupon to get the best deals. They have the best shoes, from fashionable to comfortable.

Pregnancy Shoes & Their Importance

Believe me, when I say that you will need to switch shoes at some point during the pregnancy. Here are some questions and answers that will help you decide, whether you need to think about shoes during pregnancy.

What are the Problems that Wrong Footwear causes During Your Pregnancy?

Cute shoes for your outfit sound great – but not during pregnancy, you need the right pair of shoes or you could face many problems. Some of those issues include:

  • Slips and falls
  • Sprained ankles
  • Vascular Diseases
  • Oedema (swollen feet, ankles and legs)
  • Back, hip as well as neck pain

Are you already on-board or do you want to risk going through all of this? Hopefully not! Talk to specialists and find the best pair of shoes during pregnancy.

Why Should You Think About Shoes During Pregnancy?

If you still feel that shoes are not important during pregnancy, then you need to see the reasons yourself. Your body undergoes a huge amount of changes, like it or not! So, you need to have a look and understand the changes that your body experiences during pregnancy. Here are just a few:

Water retention is a common phenomenon pregnancy, and hence your body, especially your feet will swell up, causing discomfort.

Weight will increase at an alarming rate. This puts more pressure on your joints.

With increase in weight and feet swelling, your chances of falling increasing significantly as you might lose balance.

To prevent falls and pressure on joints, you need comfortable footwear. What kind of shoes should you wear during your pregnancy? Well, let’s see.

What are the Aspects that Need Attention to find the Perfect Type of Shoe during Pregnancies?

Each kind of shoe has a different build and design, so it is obvious that each show will have its fair share of pros and cons. Here are some aspects that you need to focus on to find the perfect shoe during pregnancy:

Ease of Slipping on: Shoes that have belts and buckles or needs bending over for perfect fit is a big no during pregnancy. You need to find shoes that can be slipped on and taken off easily. Your maternity leave isn’t due for some time, so you will have to travel and attend office. During office hours, you can slip out of your shoes easily and give your swollen feet some respite.

Soles of Rubber: Always pick shoes with rubber soles. These are great shock absorbers, prevent falls and also reduce the discomfort experienced by joints.

Low Heel & not Flats: You need to pick shoes with low heel. Some might tell you to pick flats, but they do not offer support. High heels and stilettos are a big no as well!

Arch Support: Arch support can reduce foot pain significantly, so it is a no brainer that you need shoes that have this kind of support.

You can invest in any kind of shoes, but, keep these aspects in mind. Be stylish, but keep the baby’s health in mind! An inappropriate pair can cause issues with that as well. All the best and hope you have a comfortable pregnancy with the offered shoe suggestions.

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June 21, 2018
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