Blogger board game club round up: Top 9 Family Board games

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I can’t believe i’s been a year since I joined the blogger board game club! I have received my final two games and I thought I’d do a round up of all the games together. They’re a real mixed bag, most can be played easily with even the youngest members of the family, and there’s a couple for older kids and adults too.

Story Cubes

These are basically a box of dice with pictures on to inspire story telling. There are different ways to play it together or on your own. Phoebe enjoys them so much, she is always telling me her made up creations.

Cobra Paws

Cobra Paws is a combination of dominos and snap. I can see it getting quite heated in our family. You spread all the dominos out with their different symbols on them, then throw the two dice to show a random pair of symbols. The first one to grab the domino that matches gets to keep it. I like how simple it is, it’s an easy game to play and doesn’t require elaborate set up.

As promised, here’s a round up of all the games together, which one is your favourite?

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June 22, 2018
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