Casdon Role Play Bundle Review

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All children just want to be like Mum and Dad, they want to copy what we do. Role play toys are always popular, so today we’re road testing a bundle from Casdon. A shopping trolley complete with play food, a play food set and a Henry mop and bucket set.

One of the best bits of shopping is the trolley, there’s something they find intrinsically exciting. From placing the token in, to hitching a ride and then placing (or throwing) the shopping in. This mini trolley comes flat packed in a box, so you put it together yourself. The instructions are easy to follow and we were up and running pretty quickly. The play food that comes with it consists of a plastic orange and lemon, and several sheets of flat packed cardboard packets that you press out and fold to make up. They are miniature versions of primarily birdseye packets, so they obviously sponsor it! They look very realistic and the kids were pleased. You also get a can of beans and another can that you stick labels on. The cardboard packets may not last forever and they are easily squashed if they are trodden on, but they can be brought back to life. I kept finding mini food packets around the house for a few days. I’d suggest getting a play till to go with it, so they can play shopper and shopkeeper.

We also looked at a separate play food set, which has more plastic food and less boxes, plus they always love the sandwich and burger making element. There’s everything you need for a well stocked kitchen and a picnic. Give them a shopping list to choose from and tick off if they’re old enough, they’ll enjoy the sense of freedom and achievement.

Next up was the Henry bucket and mop role play toy. We have a Henry hoover so they were very excited about their miniature Henry bucket. The face of Henry comes as a sticker you place yourself, the bucket’s water squisher outer clicks together and the mop screws together in two parts. They’ve mainly played with it as a feather duster, but they do get it as a mop! It may have something to do with the fact that mopping the floor is not something Mummy does every day, more like once in a blue moon. You can also get a Hetty mop set.

Yes, he’s mopping the carpet but you get the gist. The kids wanted water in the bucket but I draw the line at that. It’s a bit on the small side, so for my 7 year old it’s too small, but it’s geared more towards under 6s. Phoebe and Daniel play a lot with the trolley, food and bucket so they make a good addition to the toy box, and I like the box the play food comes in, it will make for a big impressive wrapped present without costing the earth.

Disclosure: we were gifted the toys for the purposes of this review, all opinions are my own.


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