Preserved Memories and Art Can Make Your Home One Of A Kind

Preserved Memories and Art Can Make Your Home One Of A Kind

What’s the difference between a house and a home? There’s a huge psychological gap between the two. A house could be anywhere, but there’s only one ‘home’. Your home.

Your home might already be one-of-a-kind, but it’s actually a great blank canvas for you to portray yourself on. Our homes should reflect the personalities of our family and ourselves. What’s the point of committing yourself to four walls and a roof, that could potentially belong to anyone? If it’s not comfortable, you need to make it comfortable, and if it does not reflect you, you can easily change that.

It’s your job as a homeowner to make your home as livable as possible so that the home can return the favor to you and become a great area of relaxation for you and your family. Your home needs to be a museum of your family and the life you are sharing!

How do you get started? Well, making things more comfortable is so easy! A nice sofa to spread out on will define a living room. The sofa is also a great piece of furniture to cuddle up with the family on for a movie night! A good armchair is great for those times when you need some ‘me’ time – with a hot drink and a good book.

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That’s the basics out the way – now we need to talk about making your home one of a kind. This is where it might seem a bit harder.

You need to kit out your home with memories of your family. Your family are unique and amazing and deserve to be shown off! An important part of parenting is allowing yourself and your family to actually live your lives. Take the time to breathe in during those special moments and capture the joy. Whether it’s sports day or a day out at the theme park, get your camera out and snap away.

Make memories out of mementos, and use your children’s handprints to make innovative pieces of art. There are so many ideas on Pinterest for this. Get deep frames to display items that have meaning.

There are plenty of printers that will allow you to print your snaps onto photo paper ready to be framed – and all of this is a great hobby. There’ll be no end to the picture’s you’ll have presented around the house, and it’s a great decoration option that screams ‘hey, this is my family and me!’


Now, you might not want to cover your house in photos – that’s ok! Art is a great answer to this. Art can help us focus and relax. Art can define a room. You don’t need to be ‘in the know’ to enjoy art. If you like something, display it! It could be a drawing, framed prints, a statue or your kid’s attempt at pottery. If it’s making you happy, or making you think – put it on display and take pride in it.

It’s not hard to make your home one-of-a-kind and art, along with memories can truly make a space unique and just right for you and your family.

Disclosure: this is a collaborative post, all opinions are my own


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