How to Stage Your Property to Sell

How to Stage Your Property to Sell

For a long time now the cost of property in the UK has been rising. Unfortunately, this means that if you are planning to sell your home anytime soon you will be chasing a shrinking pool of buyers.

There are fewer first time buyers entering the market, and the fact that many families are finding it hard to make ends meet means that less people are moving. Instead, they are opting to stay where they are, and invest the thousands they would have otherwise spent on legal fees and stamp duty on converting their lofts, or building extensions. If you want to find out more about property trends in the UK, and why homeowners are choosing not to move, you can do so here. It makes for interesting reading, and demonstrates why if you want to sell your property you really do need to stage it properly.

Staging will also help you to secure a good price for it. If you do it right you will easily re-coup the cost of dressing your property, and more. This is especially the case if you do it yourself. Staging a property is actually not that hard to do. You just need to be able to stand back and take a critical look at your home, work out what needs doing, and do it. If you’re a fan of Phil Spencer and Kirsty Allsopp, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Most homeowners keep their property in a reasonable condition, which means that all you will need to do is to touch things. Ironically, often that means doing some of those yucky jobs that you have been putting off for months. For example, washing the glass in the conservatory, or repairing and unblocking the gutters.

The best approach is to go through your home looking for things that could put potential buyers off. It’s best to start outside, if your flowerbeds need weeding or dressing, get it done. Kerb appeal is so important. Powerwash away any mould you see on paths, terraces or other hard surfaces. When looking for outside jobs, bear in mind that your front garden and door are the first things that potential buyers will see, so invest the necessary time so that you make a good first impression.


Once you’ve done this, you can turn your attention to the interior. Give everything a deep clean. If there are still obvious marks or things look grubby, get the paintbrush out. Everything looks so much better after a good clean. Pretend your Mum is coming over, or your mother in law, whichever works the best.

You should also consider replacing any flooring that looks worn, or dirty. Fortunately, you do not have to spend much to do this. Laminate flooring or lino is surprisingly inexpensive, and extremely easy to lay. You can usually do a room in just a few hours, or an afternoon.

Once all of this is done, it is time to de-clutter and dress each room. If your furniture is old-fashioned, consider hiring some. It is not expensive to do so, and the fact that firms like furniture hire UK offer flexible leasing terms keeps the cost down. As soon as you sign the contract, you can ring them, and within days, they will come and pick up their furniture. Alternatively, thin down furniture that’s cluttering up the place and put some in storage. You don’t want buyers thinking that there’s a lack of storage or that the house is too small, even though you’ve probably outgrown it.


Dressing a house to sell

Use fresh flowers, make sure animals are out of the house, including their smells – use a good air freshener. Some people bake bread or brew coffee before potential buyers arrive. Another good trick is to microwave a bowl of water with slices of lemon in it for a few minutes, giving your home a fresh citrus smell. Think about any art you have that is very personal or an acquired taste and maybe pare it down. The same with any curtains and soft furnishings. Remember, it’s only temporary, and you want to sell so you can move on and personalise your new house.

Disclosure: this is a collaborative post, all opinions are my own.

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