7 Tips on How to Raise Your Kids to be Neat and Tidy at all Times 

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It is the desire of every parent to raise kids who are clean and tidy at all times. Is that an unrealistic dream? It is worth noting that just like other behaviors, kids need to be taught how to remain tidy and clean. They have the ability to learn fast, so it is not hard to guide them to develop this positive habit. In this post, it’s a case of do as I say rather than do as I do if you’ve ever seen my house! To help you in this process, here are simple tips on how to raise your kids to be neat and tidy at all times.

  1. Begin when they are very young

Staying neat and tidy is a habit that needs to be developed when your kids are still very young. Therefore, you need to start teaching them the basics of being tidy and organized at an early age so that it becomes a habit. Set the expectations that they need to keep their bathroom, bedroom, playroom and any other place clean and tidy. If you find one of these areas messy, you should have them stop whatever they are doing and have them clean up the particular room. By forcing them to clean up after themselves, you will help your kids develop a habit of ensuring that they leave every area clean and organized at all times.

  1. Show them that everything has its right place

You need to teach your kids to put away all items when they are done with them. For instance, if they are playing with toys, teach them to put them back in their place after they finish playing or before they can take other toys out to play with them. Show them that every item they use has its rightful place. Give them storage places for their hats, toys, gloves and all other accessories they use often. By doing this, your house or their room will never be messy with clothes and other items all over.

  1. Teach personal grooming

Your children need to understand the value of personal grooming. This is a vital part in ensuring that your kids always remain neat and clean. It’s important to teach your kids bathroom hygiene, washing their hands, washing their face and brushing their hair and teeth. Come up with ways to reinforce these personal grooming habits by creating a grooming calendar. Hang the calendar in their bathroom and mark the days that they do it perfectly. Give them little gifts for successful grooming as incentives to keep doing this good behavior.

  1. Practice what you teach them

Kids learn well by watching, so you should adhere to the instructions you have told them. You have to be clean, organized and observe personal hygiene if you want your kids to listen. Keep your kids involved and have them do the cleaning together with you, so that they can learn some tricks from you. If you lead by example, it will be very easy for your kids to maintain high levels of cleanliness.

  1. Teach them how to make a bed

A good way of keeping your child organized is by teaching them how to make a bed. Guide them on how to make their bed, so that it looks neat and appealing. Show them the different ways to make their bed, but note that they are still kids, so do not complicate the process for them.

  1. Show them how to dress smart

The way your kids look is highly determined on how they decide to dress. It does not matter how expensive their clothes are, you need to show them how to put them on in a smart way so that they have a put together and organized look when they leave the house. In addition, teach your kids how to avoid getting dirty when playing outside.

  1. Let them know the consequences of being messy

By teaching your kids the consequences of being messy and disorganized, you will motivate them to be more conscious about being uncluttered. Let your children know what happens if they decide to not clean up after themselves and have a disheveled look. Nicely explain how people might think differently of them based on their appearance or how organized they keep their rooms.


Sharing is caring!

July 2, 2018
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