How to Remove Wee Stains from the Carpet

How to Remove Wee Stains from the Carpet

Are you potty training? About to start? Getting a puppy? Got a carpet? Then you need to know how to remove urine stains from your carpet! If you just mop it up the smell will linger, trust me. Your carpet is one of the most expensive investments in your house and at the same time one of the toughest to maintain. They are a magnet for dirt and stains and it is a task in itself to keep the carpet clean and fresh. Add in babies or pets in the house and it gets worse. Pee accidents are the worst thing that can happen to your carpet because they will end up leaving ugly patches on your beautiful carpet.

While professional cleaning services are readily available, it is both pricey and difficult to hire a cleaner every time you need to get rid of a urine stain. Moreover, by the time the cleaner will take the matter into his hands, chances are that the urine will set in deep into the fibres of the carpet. This means that you will have to take a quick reaction at home so that you can at least keep the urine from setting in.

Unfortunately, one needs to be very careful when dealing with carpet cleaning at home because one minor mistake can ruin your expensive carpet for good. This is one reason why most people are scared to handle their carpet cleaning on their own.

If you have been caught up in a pee accident and are trying to find a way to remove urine stains from carpet, here is how you can do it cheaply and without harsh chemicals:

Things You Will Need

It is a good idea to keep a supply of a few items at your house for your carpet cleaning emergencies. These supplies will not only help you with urine accidents but will help with removing other types of rigid stains from your carpet too. You will need plain white paper kitchen towels, baking soda, white vinegar and a spray bottle filled with water. Spray bottles are so useful, I make up a lot of homemade products from hair de-tangler, fabric freshener and general cleaning sprays. Here’s my favourite (and good price) spray bottles. I order about 5, label them with my chalk pens and make my own solutions.

Natural Cleaning Method

Ideally, you should rush to respond to the pee spill as soon as it happens to avoid letting it go deep inside. The first step is to blot the urine as much as possible by placing paper towels over the affected area. As soon as the paper towel gets soiled, remove it and replace it with a fresh one and keep blotting as long as the towels keep absorbing the urine.

When you feel that the towels have absorbed all the urine that they possibly could move on to the next step. Take a spray bottle filled with one cup of water. Add one-fourth cup vinegar and one-fourth cup of baking soda in the bottle. Now spray this cleaning solution on the affected area of the carpet and let it sit for a few minutes. Now repeat the blotting process by placing the paper towels on the carpet so that it blots the cleaning solution along with the urine. One hack to give better and quicker results is to place a paper towel under the carpet too if you can access it, so that it can absorb even more urine and keeps it from setting in. Keep repeating the process until the stain is completely removed. If you want a product that does the job, 1001 Carpet Care have a vast range of carpet cleaning products which are child and pet safe.

That’s what works for us, have you found anything else that works? If you’re about to start potty or puppy training, good luck!

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Are you potty training? About to start? Getting a puppy? Got a carpet? Then you need to know how to remove urine stains from your carpet! Here's a cheap and natural way to get rid of that wee stain

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    Awesome, you just saved my carpet. Thanks so much for this!

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