Retaining The Romance In Your Relationship, Once The Kids Come Along

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Amongst all the changes that you go through as a couple once you have kids, losing that romantic connection is the one that can be the hardest to take. After all, it’s not like you are choosing to no longer do fun things together. It’s just that finding the time and energy when you are busy with your parental duties can be tough. However, there are some small ways that you can show your partner that you care, read on to find out what they are.

Give them some alone time

When you have kids, alone time is mostly a thing of the past. In fact, if you get to drink a cup of tea while it’s still hot without being interrupted it feels like a great achievement. That is why giving the gift of some alone time without the kids can be such a precious and appreciated thing.

To do this, you may simply take the kids out for a bit while your other half luxuriates in a bath, reads that book they’ve had for a year but haven’t been able to pick up, or even just has a well-deserved nap.

Although, if you want to push the boat out a bit then you would treat them to an experience that they will find fun and rejuvenating. This may be a trip to a spa, a foot massage, or a complementary therapy treatment like aromatherapy or acupuncture.

Alternatively, for those looking for something with more of a masculine energy you choose something from the selection unique gifts for men that are now available online such as a thrilling jetpack ride or zip line experience. After all, sometimes a little excitement can be a welcome and refreshing contrast to the grind of daily life and responsibilities.

Learn their love language

Something that can help you maintain the romance in your relationship once you have become parents is to identify your partner’s love language. This is the way in which you can show affection and emotion to them that makes them feel the most loved and cared for.

Some people like physical displays of affection such as hugs, kisses, and hand holding. Others prefer to be told that they are loved and receive kind messages. Still, others like to be given little gifts to show that the other person has been thinking about them and that they are valued in the relationship. Lastly, some people like to have time devoted to them so they can be listened to and be the prime focus of the other’s attention.

By learning your partner’s particular love language, you can help them feel valued and wanted in your relationship in the most effective way. Something that can ensure that every gesture you make is received as a romantic and caring one, and as proof you are working to keep the spark burning in your relationship.

Praise them for all they do

Last, of all,  an expression of genuine appreciation is often well received and can be the foundation on which you can build romance in a relationship.

Something that is worth thinking about if you are looking to value your relationship as a couple as much as you do your role as parents and keep that spark alive in the long term.

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