Shedding Postpartum Weight The Healthy Way

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Losing those extra pounds after welcoming your baby into the world can be an understandably challenging task, especially if you are a breastfeeding mum. Breastfeeding and weight loss diets do not go well together as restricting your nutritional intake will directly impact breastmilk. However, even though you should avoid extreme dieting, there are several effective ways to shed your postpartum weight without compromising your nutritional intake and the health of your newborn baby. Here are a few top options to consider.

Appropriate Calorie Intake

It is recommended to avoid dieting after giving birth for several reasons. Breastfeeding mums should not restrict their calorie intake below 2,200 calories per day as breastfeeding will burn between 600 – 800 calories daily. In addition to this, mums who are exercising should add calories to their diets to ensure they are not negatively impacting the nutritional value of their milk. However, even though restricting your diet is not the best approach to lose weight, there are other options.

Eating Healthy

Rather than opting for a strict diet that could be detrimental to your health and that of your newborn baby, it would be a much better approach to restrict the types of foods that you eat. Consuming healthy fruits and vegetables and avoiding heavy greasy meals will be greatly beneficial for weight loss goals. Therefore, snacking on healthy fruits and vegetables throughout the day will definitely aid weight loss. What’s more, you should also be consuming healthy juices, such as homemade fruit and veggie juice. Drinking cucumber juice and beetroot juice will enhance your nutritional intake without affecting your calorie consumption. Rather than drinking store-bought juices, it would be a great idea to research a suitable cucumber juice recipe and benefits while also searching for other nutritional juices to try.

Appropriate Exercise Plan

New mums should try to avoid intense weight lifting and extreme workout regimes to prevent potentially devastating injuries. Rather than overdoing workout regimes and exercises, you should create an appropriate exercise plan that incorporates exercises that won’t risk injuries. Exercises such as jogging, swimming, and yoga are perfectly suitable for new mums while lifting heavy weights is not. Why not try walking or jogging with your baby’s stroller in tow. Check online for the best all terrain stroller. You will need to gradually build up your fitness and strength through exercise rather than push yourself too far as you start. It is recommended not to lift anything heavier than the weight of your newborn, especially if you have delivered your baby via c-section. Lifting items heavier than your baby will likely result in injuries. Yoga is realistically one of the most suitable exercises for new mums as you will be able to regain muscle strength and enhance your flexibility. Incorporating at least half an hour of yoga into your daily schedule will prove extremely beneficial for weight loss and muscle tone.

Tummy Tying

One of the biggest issues new moms face is attempting to shed the extra stubborn stomach weight. While you may not be able to devote your life to extreme dieting methods, you will be able to reshape your body with tummy tying techniques. The age-old technique of wrapping your tummy in a tight cloth or a restriction belt has been used through the ages by moms hoping to get their bodies back after giving birth. This method may not help you lose weight, but it will ensure you are able to rid yourself of tummy fat as restriction bands will help tighten stomach muscles. However, this technique should be practised with caution as it is recommended to wait at least 4 weeks before tying your tummy if you have delivered your baby naturally and 8 weeks if you have delivered your baby by c-section birth. This is mainly to ensure your muscles have repaired after giving birth.

Be Patient

Even though striving to shed all your postpartum weight can be an extremely frustrating journey, one of the best approached is simply to be patient. If you are eating right and including a suitable amount of exercise into your daily routine, it is only a matter of time before your body starts to shed the extra weight. As your body has just been through a massive change, it is recommended to give yourself time rather than rush the process. With persistence in exercise and a healthy diet, you will reap rewards. Even though you may feel tempted to rely on commercial weight-loss supplements and products, it is best to avoid unnatural products at all costs, especially if you are breastfeeding your baby.

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November 19, 2019
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