Celebrating 15 Years of Marriage With a Holiday

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Next April we will be celebrating fifteen years of marriage, and seventeen years together. It doesn’t seem real, writing it down like that, but then it must be true. Our eldest is 10. We’ve had our ups and downs, but on the whole it’s been wonderful. Our relationship has grown stronger as time passes. We still annoy each other daily, but then he’ll make me laugh and it’s all forgotten.

We are planning to celebrate our anniversary by going away for a short break without the children. We’ve done it before, when we went away for 4 nights to Corfu. It was magical, although I did really miss the children. I felt like a movie star the whole time. I’ve travelled quite a lot in my time, but I’ve never been to Italy, so that is number one on my list. The food, the architecture and the people are what I’m looking forward to seeing.

couple enjoying the sun in corfu
Us in Corfu, we look so relaxed!

When we went to Corfu it was a pool and beach holiday, all inclusive. It was great, but this time I’d like some culture and adventure. I want to discover local restaurants, museums, hidden gems and walk until I’m exhausted (doesn’t take much these days). I want to sit and drink coffee in a busy square watching the world go by. I visited Paris with my best friend nearly 20 years ago on a short break and it was fantastic, we did just that. We also danced the night away in clubs, but I don’t think I will be doing that this time – you never know though! We’re looking at booking through an established holiday agency like Voyage PrivΓ©, so we won’t have to worry about them going bust, or not being protected.

woman holding ice cream gelato with red nails walking through Italian street
This is how I plan to navigate Rome

What will happen to the children?

We are so lucky in that we have two sets of grandparents locally. My mum and dad pick up the children from school two days a week anyway at the moment and we pick them up around 6pm. They have agreed to have the children for the school week whilst we’re away. We are so grateful we have the opportunity and support from them. When I was little, we had several ‘holidays’ with grandparents, whilst my parents had some much needed rest. When my children have children, I will provide them the same support.

They do miss us, of course and my eldest gets jealous and wants to come with us, but they know why we’re doing it, and they have fun at Granny and Grandad’s house. We speak to them every day we’re away, and they watch us on Instagram stories.

The importance of looking after your relationship

It can be easy to think sometimes that you’d be better of on your own, or yearn for the thrill of the new relationship, but actually there’s no better feeling than a deep connection and shared history from a long term relationship. Having children means you dedicate a lot of your time and energy into them, but if it’s all about the kids, then when they leave home you might find yourselves suddenly strangers with nothing in common. That thought terrifies me, so we always listen to each other and make time together. Does he always want to watch Strictly come dancing with me? No. I don’t like Rugby but I’m happy to keep him company whilst it’s on. If you aren’t prepared to compromise then you’re in for a rough ride.

Planning a dream short break together gives us something to look forward to and keeps our sense of adventure. When you’re away without the children, you remember why you fell in love and the reason you make a good partnership. What would be your ideal short break away?

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