Family time: how to organise a summer holiday in Sicily

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Sicily is a gorgeous island in the Mediterranean that is at the top of our ‘family travel bucket list’. As a mum of 3, I can say first hand how much we all look forward to summer holiday and how wonderful of a bonding experience it is to get away with your family and create new memories. Sicily is a destination of dreams, with beautiful landscapes, friendly locals, gorgeous beaches to build sandcastles, incredible food, and sites to explore throughout sun-filled days.

Family travel goes a lot smoother when the destination is a great one for families. Family is an important value in the Sicilian culture, and it shows even in how great of a destination it is for visitors.

Two main parts of travelling that can make a major impact on any holiday and especially a family holiday are: ease of getting to and there, and where you stay. Luckily, Sicily has three main airports across the island so you can choose to fly into the airport that is closest to your first/final destination within Sicily. For accommodation, it is highly recommended and rather affordable to stay in a typical Sicily villa with pool, like these on Wishsicily for example. This gives your family space to spread out, stick to the parts of your schedule that will just make everyone happier, have peace and privacy, and even have a pool that you can have fun and take a dip in when you want to be at home.

Luckily, the weather is gorgeous in Sicily. If possible, try to visit Sicily at the beginning or the tail end of summer so that you get more comfortable temperatures (which can make all the difference with little ones). There will still be plenty going on and the water is a wonderful temperature well into the later months of the year. There are also fewer crowds early summer!

What to do and see

Sicily is full of family-friendly locations and activities. You can spend your days at a beach of your choosing, take a cable car up Mount Etna and take in the views however high up you’d like to go, visit the Valley of the Temples letting the kids explore the site, have impromptu history lessons, see as many of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites on the island as possible, visit the food markets in Palermo, and so much more.

Kid-specific activities:

  • For an adventure-filled day with gorgeous views of Mount Etna, I know my family would love the Etnaland Theme Park. The kids can go on the roller coaster, explore the historic voyage part of the park, and learn about outer space, all while we appreciate the island we are on.
  • There is a traditional Sicilian puppet show in Syracuse that enacts funny battle scenes for kids of all ages. We always enjoy doing activities where there will be other kids around so our little ones can meet other kids and they can run around and have fun together.

Have you ever been to Sicily? What did you think about your time there?

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June 26, 2019
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