Zuru Bunchoballoons Review

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As a family, when it gets hot, we love to get together and have a good old fashioned water fight! We have water pistols galore and a paddling pool. We’ve collaborated with Zuru toys to try out the bunchoballoons toys, including the gun.

All the attachments you need are in the pack, whether you have a hose or just a tap, either will work. It was easy to figure out and amazing to watch them fill up all at once! We managed a little video for you to demonstrate it, it looks so impressive. Once they’re filled up you can shake them off, or pull them off like we did. We filled up all the different colours and then had a massive water fight.

The water gun was a little tricky, the idea is to attach the bunchoballoons to the end of the gun, and fill them with the water in the gun. You need to submerge the valve underneath so you need a paddling pool ideally or a big bucket. For us to try them out, I tried with a big bowl, but ended up filling the kitchen sink as that was the best way.

I have to say, it was hard to get all the balloons inflated this way, there were always about a third that didn’t inflate fully. The gun also works as a water shooter, but I think there are better water shooters around, and the hose works better to fill the balloons. If you’re looking to reduce your plastic, then this toy may not be for you, there are lots of plastic tubes used to fill the balloons, and the balloons themselves when they burst leave rubbish trails that you have to pick up from the garden afterwards!

Having said that, water balloons are always popular, especially at parties, and you could pre fill so many at once and have a big tub of them. The kids loved it. If you’d like to try them yourself, I’ve put the links below for you.

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