Is your boiler ready for winter? Simple boiler checks

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I know it can be a bit boring, but if your boiler breaks down or isn’t working efficiently, you’ll soon feel it both in your pocket and when you’re shivering from the cold! So is it always a case of calling out a plumber, or is there anything we can do ourselves? Turns out there are a few things we can do, so have a read and go through the checklist and you’ll stay warm and cosy this winter. Must go and put on a cardigan.

Right, I’m back with my cardigan on and ready to share the tips I’ve found to keep your boiler happy and your house warm.

1. Check the pilot light

It might seem obvious, but does the boiler fire up and is there a pilot light? Not just is it present, but look at the colour. It should be a nice strong blue flame. If it is orange or yellow, this is a sign your boiler isn’t burning its fuel completely. If you do see a yellow or orange flame, it can be giving off dangerous levels of carbon dioxide, so contact a heating engineer straight away.

2. Give it plenty of space

Let your boiler breathe. Not literally, but make sure there is plenty of space for ventilation around the boiler. Don’t cram your airing cupboard full of towels and bedding. I don’t do that (ahem). If your boiler needs work or a service, bear in mind your poor plumber needs access.

3. Keep it under pressure

Your boiler needs to be at a certain pressure to keep going. Keep your instruction manual to hand and every now and again check it’s on the right pressure setting. We used to have one that needed resetting a lot, it turned out there was a fault and once we got that fixed it was alright.

4. Lag your pipes

This basically means give them a cosy jacket to keep them warm. Any pipes that are in the loft or somewhere they are prone to freezing will need their jackets on for winter. You can get different materials, but they all do the same job for very little cost and will save you big time.

5. Annual service

Schedule your annual boiler service. I like to do mine around August so any potential issues are sorted before winter kicks in. If you need a repair or boiler installation search boiler repair and your town name e.g boiler repair Leeds or boiler installation Leeds.

6. Insulate Insulate Insulate

Again, it’s boring to think about but so worth it. We took advantage of the government funding and got our cavity wall insulation done through that. We also got loft insulation at the same time. We use draught excluders and cover up the keyhole in winter. We have long velvet curtains at the front door and close doors when not in use. Our house is 1920s and draughty, so we need all the help we can get!

If you look after your boiler, it will look after you for many years.

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September 19, 2019
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  • Reply Ava Miller

    Thanks, jenny – these observations seem simple, but for me they are really not. I’ll double-check mine now –

    September 19, 2019 at 1:17 pm
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