Smart Tips To Settle Into A New Neighbourhood

Smart Tips To Settle Into A New Neighbourhood

Making the decision to move home is so easy when you don’t have a family to consider. There will be a day when all that changes, and while you still consider what you want, you will always put the children first. Packing and unpacking a whole house with kids in tow means you’re not just moving your stuff, you’re moving your whole lives to another part of town. Moving home is whole saga and if you can manage the stress of the move, you’re halfway there.

One of the best things you can do for the kids is take them on a tour around their new neighbourhood and show them the outside of their new home before your moving company arrives on moving day. This physical preparation is key for them to be able to visualise their new area, what facilities are on offer and where they are going to be living in proximity to school and their friends. Leaving a little gift in their new bedroom can also take the edge off. Taking these four tips on board can make settling the whole family far easier when it comes to the big day!


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Unpack your stuff fast. Packing may be the world’s most tedious job, but someone has to do it. Unpacking is just as boring but the quicker you get your things settled into the new home, the faster your kids can feel like they are at home. Go room to room and get the kids to help; they can unpack their own boxes in their bedrooms and if they’re old enough, put clothes and things away where they want them to go.

Meet the neighbours once the house is unpacked and ready. You want to feel happy about the new layout and there’s nothing like your own things around you for comfort. You’re the newbies to the neighbourhood so go and introduce yourself to your next-door neighbours. If you’re feeling truly brave, have a house-warming party and invite some of the new neighbours. Socialising the children with the locals and the surrounding areas can really help integrate you all as a family into the new environment and when that moving van pulls away, that’s it – you’re on your own and your life begins again.

Always have lists handy of jobs that need doing. Moving doesn’t just stop at getting into the new house as you have to consider changing your addresses with the bank and other important places. You have to set up utilities and you need to ensure you’ve enlisted the children into a new school if you’re too far from their old one. If you have a list of what to do, you can feel organised and a lot more confident on settling into the new area.


The final step to helping you all settle in is checking the local area out. Go beyond the neighbourhood and find out where the local hospitals, restaurants and local supermarkets. Get to know where the parks are for the kids, as well as the local bowling alley and entertainment is. Your move doesn’t have to be hard on the kids if you all stay as organised as you can!

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