Taking Time out to Relax at the #Fellowesonthemove event

Taking Time out to Relax at the #Fellowesonthemove event

Last week I donned some make up and nipped up to London for an event which promised some much needed time out. It was held by Viking office supplies in honour of the Fellowes sit stand desk at a community office space in North West London. It was industrial and trendy.


I put that top picture on Facebook, and I got lots of compliments, and some didn’t even recognise me – just shows how often I wear make up! We were greeted with a cup of tea and a graze box, great timing as I was starving. I could see some tasty looking smoothies and such a simple yet effective orange peel rose display, I’ll be doing that come Christmas time for sure. The plan was to get an introduction to the sit stand desks, then rotate round in small groups to smoothie making, active deskercise and massage.


Our first port of call was the smoothies, split into smoothies and juices. Quite frankly they were all delicious, anything freshly made in front of you is going to be good. The (hottie) barmen explained how any smoothies you buy in cartons or bottles will have some preservatives in, and the sign of a good smoothie or juice is one that naturally separates. I almost wanted to start making smoothies! In our goody bag we got a shaker cup and recipe book which I think I’ll hang on to and do a giveaway in January when we all want to be healthier.


Next we tried some exercises you can do pretty much anywhere, with the lovely lady from Exercise at work, who is expecting her first baby, so we had a nice chinwag. It was great to get some ideas to incorporate some movement into a largely sedentary day. I’ve already been putting some into practice – stomach crunching and butt squeezes are really easy to do!


About the Sit Stand desks

I think they’re a great idea, it’s so flexible. You can sit at the desk and then raise it to stand and work. I loved the squishy mat for the feet, I thought it wouldn’t make much difference but it so does. You can adjust the desk to whatever height you need and there’s room for all your bits and bobs. Did you know that your risk of obesity is doubled by daily time spent sitting, and 60% of sitting takes place at work? It depends what your work involves of course, but for me since I started blogging I sit a lot more. Sit-Stand Workstations work to encourage desk-based workers to work actively and move more, rather than being sat in one sedentary position for hours at a time. A Sit-Stand Workstation or Work Platform from Fellowes takes desk working to a higher level without you needing to buy a whole new desk. The systems simply fit onto your existing desk, and you can change your working position easily and silently in just a few seconds. It really was a smooth transition, easier than an ironing board, that’s for sure. For more information and to browse the range of products, visit the Viking store here.

The last part was the massage and was heavenly. I had a back, neck and shoulder massage and a hand massage that was much needed as I’d had a wrist strain for the past few days.


I met some lovely people, fellow bloggers who just get it and understand everything blogging and social media. Shout out to Jenna (A Balanced Belly), Emily (Emily Hearts, and Alessia (The Blond Pond). Here’s to relaxing and well-being!


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