Parquet Flooring? Don’t mind if I do!

Parquet Flooring? Don’t mind if I do!
*This is a collaborative guest post.

I am still on the lookout for flooring for my hallway and living room, my aim is to get it done within the next 3-6 months. One of my friends has had success in sourcing second hand parquet flooring locally and fitting it themselves so I’m definitely exploring that as an option. I have the pleasure of hosting parquet flooring expert from Posh Flooring, Ben Duke. Over to you Ben:

To you and me, parquet flooring is something we used to find in our Grandparent’s house, or something we’d see on Downton Abbey. Nowadays, it’s all the rage and back on the rise in the current market. Parquet is becoming very popular in the young family market, with couples looking for a vintage feel in their home. So the big question is, what is parquet flooring?


Parquet is very recognisable due to its distinct zigzag tiles and geometric shapes. There is a huge range available, coming in all shapes and sizes. There is bound to be something for everyone! Families often opt for parquet flooring, due to it’s durability and water resistant nature. Spillages can be easily dealt with, and it is built for houses with heavy footfall.

So why exactly is parquet flying back onto the market?

We currently live in the day and age where today’s kids are buying vinyls over CD’s! Vintage is the new fashion, so it’s unsurprising that vintage is now being brought into the interior design market. Today’s parquet flooring still holds all its old fashioned values, but has been given a modern makeover. Its resilience is one of its strong points, so it is sure to last stand the test of time regardless of the amount of heavy footfall.

Parquet can pretty much be moulded into any design you like, from patterned (as shown in the image above) or in a zigzag form. It is down to your discretion, but parquet is usually best fitted in a kitchen or dining room. It’s best to have an exact design in mind before laying it down, as it can look a little cluttered and chaotic.


When it comes to the installation process, you’ll need to be patient! Laying parquet flooring can be very time consuming, but once down it is a beautiful addition to your home. We hope our guide has helped you, for more advice head to

Thank you Ben for your advice!


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