Teaching the children about Remembrance Day

Teaching the children about Remembrance Day

It’s coming up to Remembrance day soon, both my Granddad and DH’s Grandfather had active roles in the armed forces during the second world war, so I’m keen that my children know why we wear poppies and what we are remembering. My Granddad was Polish, and he had a great journey from Poland across Siberia to France, where he ended up in the RAF which meant he could settle in the UK. It’s not just the first and second world wars now, but the Afghan war, the Falklands and indeed anyone who has given their life in the name of injustice. I wouldn’t be here if people hadn’t stood up for what is right. We’ve been using some learning resources from iChild to help me teach the children about Remembrance Day. I love this poem by John McCrae, written from first hand experience and published in Punch magazine in December 2015.

How to teach the children about Remembrance day with resources from iChild


I read it out loud to the children and they enjoyed the rhyming and asked questions about the meaning. They can’t take it all in but they are grasping the meaning behind the day and why we remember. It’s not really about them memorising facts, for me it’s about starting to ingrain the cultural significance behind remembrance day, what they fought for and why we do still have ongoing war in the world. Children don’t understand why people kill other people, it’s very humbling. I wish everyone stayed like that, unfortunately it’s not the case. We visited Rochester Cathedral this week and outside the cathedral there’s a war monument, which I pointed out to the children, especially the ‘Lest we forget,’ message, which tied in nicely with our learning.

How to teach the children about Remembrance day with resources from iChild

They have a lot of resources available on iChild, a lot of them free and you can upgrade to gold membership at any time. We used The History of Poppy Day, Poppy day colouring sheets and 2 acrostic poems (where each letter of a word becomes a new word). Phoebe liked colouring the poppies rainbow colours! I did say that they were meant to be red, but she wanted them multi-coloured.

How to teach the children about Remembrance day with resources from iChild

Before I started my little education lesson, I asked them if they knew anything about the poppies or remembrance day and they said no, which I was surprised about, I thought it would have been mentioned in school. It made me happy that I’ve been able to teach them about something that has direct relevance to their history, not just English history but also our personal family history.

We were given gold membership access to iChild for 3 months. All opinions are my own.


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