Increasing productivity when you work from home

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Working from home is the dream for over a quarter of Brits according to a study done last year, here are some smart tips to increase productivity.

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A recent study found that a quarter of us would rather work one day a week from home than have a pay rise. This shows how popular this option is. I have friends and family who still attend meetings all over the world all expenses paid and I don’t know why a lot of it can’t be done remotely, especially with how good the technology is these days. I now work from home at least 2 days a week. It’s great, I take over the dining room table and have Holly and Phil for company. It can be hard to stay focused, but on the whole I’m far more productive at home than if I was in an office or a cafe. When you work for yourself and you’re responsible for generating the income, it’s a great motivator. Having said that, I’ve not done the work I do in an office but I imagine I’d start chatting, taking more breaks than I do at home. I often work through lunch, just grabbing a bite here and there to meet a deadline. Sometimes I go off on a tangent though. Here’s what I’ve found keeps me on track:

  • Turn off those Facebook notifications
  • Don’t have too many tabs open, you’ll be tempted to check those emails
  • Separate your goals into priorities and work accordingly
  • Have power breaks of 10 minutes and do something else
  • Keep hydrated, have water or a drink next to you
  • Have a proper work station or office, don’t sit on the sofa or bed
  • Get dressed
  • Turn off the TV
  • Eat regular healthy meals and snacks

According to Phil Spencer of Channel 4’s Location Location Location fame, there are ways of increasing our productivity when we work from home, and they can also be applied to offices everywhere. Who knew having houseplants in your office can increase your output by 15%? Here he chats to a data scientist about how what we surround ourselves with affects our productivity.

To summarise:

  • Have a room with a view or cheat using pictures!
  • Work near natural light
  • If you don’t have natural light, use clever lighting
  • Have house plants in your office

I’d quite like Phil Spencer to come round my house for dinner and we could have a good old chat about house prices and decor. He’s long been a figurehead for talking sense about property, alongside his TV ‘wife’ Kirsty Allsopp. If you work from home, what works for you?

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post, all opinions are my own.

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