Not so Obvious Changes You Need To Make To Your Home When You Have A Baby

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We all know life changes when you have a newborn. But a lot of people don’t realise how much needs to change in your home. It’s not just the simple stuff such as losing your spare room as it will need to be a nursery, or finding new homes for your cleaning supplies. There are a lot of other changes you need to make which might not have crossed your mind. Here are some not so obvious changes you need to make to your home when you have a baby!


Updating the old carpet

A lot of us fit a new carpet when we move in and then leave it for years. But as time goes on it’s easy for it to get worn and damaged. However, when you are expecting, it’s so important to make sure you repair or replace any worn carpet. After all, you don’t want to be holding your baby and end up falling on the stairs; you and your baby could end up getting hurt. Also, you want the carpet in good condition for when your baby starts crawling. After all, if it’s old and worn, the grippers might be coming through which could hurt your little one’s toes. Therefore, make sure the carpet is in an excellent condition before your newborn arrives.


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Turn down your water heater

It’s so important that the bath doesn’t get too hot when you have a newborn. After all, you could end up scalding your baby if it’s at a high temperature. To make it easier, you should turn down your water heater before the newborn arrives. That way, you can fill up, and it will not go any hotter than what you have set it to. A lot of experts recommend 120 F as the highest temperature when you have little ones. And to ensure they don’t end up touching the hot taps, you might want to look into wall mounted bath taps. These will ensure they are out of reach for your baby to touch!


Changing placement of furniture

Think about where your sofa is situated in the lounge. Maybe consider moving it to a part of the room which is away from the window. For one thing, you want to be away from the window so that your baby doesn’t get cold. And secondly, when your baby starts to get to its troublesome twos, you don’t want them to climb out of the window! Therefore, change the placement of the furniture in your room before the baby arrives!

Buy a fireguard for your fireplace

A lot of people forget to change their fireplace when they are expecting. And although you don’t have to change the whole thing (still get it checked), you do need to get a fireguard. You might not realise that it’s a legal requirement to have a fireguard if you have kids in the house. Therefore, as this article reveals, choose a large one which will ensure your child doesn’t get harmed!

And remember to make some changes to the outdoors of your home as well. You might not realise that certain plants could harm your little one. To keep them safe, you need to change the plants in your garden before your baby arrives.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post, all opinions are my own

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November 21, 2016
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