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On the 21st October I headed to the Baby Show at London’s Kensington Olympia to see what’s hot in the mum and baby world. I went without my baby so I could have a good old nose around as a proper press person and get the lowdown on the trending products. I’m going to talk about some of my favourite big brands, together with some up and coming small brands and great ideas for you pregnant mummies and your babies. There’s so much you just don’t need, but there are things that are just adorable!

First off, I was invited to look at the Stokke range in a little party room. Their sturdy,well designed chairs go from baby highchair to chair at the table and then can even go into adulthood. They come in different colours and you can get funky cushions to go with them. You can even get their name engraved on the back rail.



The show is amazing, lots to see and do, including a catwalk show and talks from experts. There’s lots of competitions and freebies to be had too, plus special show only offers. If you’re expecting a baby in 2017, I really recommend going.


There was a great buggy testing area, with ramps and hazards!

Going round the show, these cute craft kits in a tin caught my eye. There are projects for mums to be to do plus children’s crafts, I think they’d make a lovely gift. The company is called buttonbag.



Have you heard of baby in a box? You may have seen them on Facebook, the boxes from Finland, where new Mums get a big box of baby essentials that they can also use as a cot to put the baby in, because it’s also got the mattress and bedding in it. Ekatot are a UK company offering Finnish baby boxes for the UK market. I thought they were a lovely idea for baby showers, work leaving dos or as a special gift. They are the only company selling Finnish baby boxes tailored for the UK at the moment. They contain over 50 essentials for the newborn and mum, many from Finland and Scandinavia, making them quirky and stylish like you only get from Scandinavian countries. They use only high quality fabrics such as organic cotton, merino wool and silk. They’re so cute, it almost makes me want to have another baby. I said almost. Take a look:



There were quite a few baby carriers on show, I had a demonstration from Kiddihug, they have 2 different sized carriers, which feature a shelf like piece for extra support for your back, and can double up as a hip seat when baby is older. Most importantly, it ensures the correct hip position for baby.


Next up is a little treat for busy mums. If you’ve not had your baby yet, be prepared there’s little time to do your hair and make up, and even if you do get the chance once your little one is old enough they’ll be grabbing fistfuls of your hair so you’ll want to keep it out of the way. I got the chance to try out that straight brush, which is amazing by the way. I didn’t take it home that day, but I did take home the circular brush and the twirl curl, which I’ll be showing you both how to use in a vlog really soon over on my YouTube channel. I’m hoping to get my hands on the straight brush to show you, and a giveaway too, watch this space. If you can’t wait, you can get your hands on the straight brush, twirl curl or circular brush and more from Powder Room Secrets.


I got the chance to meet my online friend Hannah Harvey, who is the CEO of Ask the Midwife, an app that is free to download and you get access to a midwife to ask questions and get a fast response. It’s such a good idea and will help so many women. She’s at the stage where she’d love to take her ideas further and improve the services even more.


I loved seeing all the pushchairs, buggies, prams and car seats. There’s so many to choose from, it really depends on what sort of design you like, how much walking you’re going to do, what size your car is etc. I love the Cosatto bright and funky designs with coordinating bags, the Joie range is very practical and lasts, and I caught the iCandy fashion show which was very stylish. I had an iCandy pear when I had William and Phoebe close together and needed a double. Daniel still uses a pushchair but I have an ancient one I still use and he likes to walk more and more.




There was this amazing stroller from Little Royals, which folds down incredibly small, but still has a little shopping bag space. I’ve got my eye on this one!


Daniel likes to swipe his plate off his high chair, and we often just give him a bit of food at a time. He likes to feed himself now though, with varying results. There was a lovely colourful display from EZPZ fun, with their silicone place mats and crockery in one. It’s meant to be toddler proof, however Daniel did manage to peel it off – he was trying to hand it back to me though! They have a baby one with partitions and the bowl for older babies. It sticks to the surface without suction and is hard for babies to pick off.



There was some seriously gorgeous nursery bedding from the likes of Mamas and Papas and Avery Row:




I hope you enjoyed my tour of products from The Baby Show, there was so much there this is only a very small part. I got some bits and pieces given to me which I’m giving away to one lucky reader! All you need to do is enter via the Rafflecopter widget below. UK entry only. Share with anyone you know who may benefit.

The Prize:

One baby headband from Cute-Cute; one pair of walking aids from Mavens First Steps; one re-useable baby food pouch from Super Squish; one bib from Britax; one 30ml baby skin body lotion from organic babies; one waterproof bib from Stokke; baby bottle and soother from MAM; dribble and teether bandana from Cheeky Chompers.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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