Easy Ways To Be More Environmentally Conscious

Easy Ways To Be More Environmentally Conscious

If you have any kind of interest at all in the natural world, chances are you are somewhat concerned about preserving it. Even if you don’t actively pay much attention to environmental issues, it’s something you should be taking more seriously if you and your family spend time in nature every now and again. The damage that pollution is doing to the plants, trees, and animals is abhorrent, especially when you consider that our children should have the right to grow up with nature just as we did. Of course, you may think that the actions of just one person won’t make much of a difference, therefore what is the point? But just being part of a collective of ecologically conscious people can actually make a huge difference to the world around us. Every parent wants their children to grow up being able to experience the wonders that nature can bring – so, here are some ways you can live a more environmentally conscious life, for the good of the whole world!

Keep on top of the news

Huge environment news breaks almost every day. But as the mainstream news is so full of sensationalism and drama-fuelled stories designed to make money, it is all too easy to miss the important issues at hand. Make a habit of scanning both the national and local news every day to see if there are any environment-related issues breaking in your area. For example, there may be a plan to bulldoze part of your local National Park to make way for housing that you otherwise wouldn’t have heard about. Social media is also a great way to become engaged with environmental issues in your area as you can meet many like-minded people in groups and on activism pages.

Make your home an eco-friendly haven

They say that charity begins at home, and in many senses so does being environmentally friendly! You, unfortunately, cannot control the emissions and harmful chemicals produced by major corporations or businesses, but you can control how damaging your own home is to nature. Take action in some ways, ranging from the drastic to the small. If you want to switch to renewable energy, having solar panels installed is the best option for you: the cost for this ranges from £4000 to £6000 + VAT. You can also take the time to recycle and to dispose of any toxic products safely, as well as turning off all your appliances when you are not using them.

Buy local

Many of us are guilty of mindlessly buying our food, striving only for convenience. Unfortunately, buying from some major chains and companies can mean we are inadvertently supporting the destruction of the environment, as these corporations typically use unethical farming methods. Buy produce that’s grown locally instead, by visiting your local farmer’s market. That way you know it hasn’t traveled thousands of air miles just to reach you, and as a result, it will taste better too.

Buy second hand

Help reduce landfill by reusing your old clothes, toys and bric a brac by giving them to charity or sales. Then you can buy second hand too and your impact on new manufacturing will be less.

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