What Are Your Options If IVF Doesn’t Work?

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IVF has helped many couples enjoy having the family they always wanted, including me personally. However, it doesn’t work for everyone. Fortunately, there are a number of options you can pursue if IVF has failed in your situation.

Deciding Whether You Want to go Through IVF Again

Many people have to go through several rounds of IVF before they can conceive. However, there are several things that you will have to consider before you and your partner decide to go through IVF again. Before completing another round of IVF you may have to assess how many viable frozen eggs you have left to use.

While the cost of IVF is experience on its own, so is the cost of freezing eggs. Some couples may have their insurance plan to fall back on but in most cases, this is not the reality. You have to make sure that another round of IVF will not put your family in a financial hole.

It is also a good idea for you and your partner to get medical tests before you undergo another round of IVF if you haven’t already. Women are often told that they first need an ultrasound of their ovaries and have their uterus examined. They also have to make sure that they don’t have any fluid or scar tissue in their Fallopian tubes.

Blood testing and genetic testing will also be required. These tests often reveal what went wrong during the first round of IVF, which is why second and third IVF rounds have higher success rates.

Furthermore, you should consider whether you and your partner can handle dealing with another failed IVF. If you don’t want to go through IVF again, there are still several options available to you.

Donor Gametes

Gametes are eggs and sperm. It is legal in the United States and Canada to donate eggs and sperm. However, it’s illegal to purchase them over the internet. You also cannot buy eggs or sperm from a clinic.

You can get donor gametes from a sibling, friend or cousin. You can also get a fertility clinic to match you with an anonymous donor. Clinics thoroughly screen people who are donors. It is a good idea to consult with a doctor before you opt for sperm or egg donation. You may also want to get advice from a lawyer.

Surrogacy and Gestational Carriers

Many couples use a surrogate when they learn they cannot conceive on their own. There are two types of surrogacy: traditional surrogacy and gestational carrier. A traditional surrogate is impregnated with the sperm of the intended father. Donor gametes are used during gestational surrogacy. Doctors combine the egg and sperm to create the embryo. After that, the doctors place the embryo inside the uterus.

Failed IVF is not the only reason that people choose to use a surrogate. Many LGBT couples choose to go this route. Couples who cannot conceive naturally due to a medical condition also opt to use a surrogate. Many people are referred to a surrogate by a fertility clinic.

The parents are assessed to make sure that they are physically and emotionally ready to be parents. They will then meet with an attorney and be matched with a surrogate. The lawyer will develop a contract. The terms of the contract can vary. However, the contract will outline what will happen during pregnancy and after birth.

Many people compare the process of choosing a surrogate to online dating. You have to build a relationship with the surrogate.


Many couples choose adoption when they find out that they cannot conceive. There are different types of adoption. People can adopt a child from an agency, the child welfare system, or from another country. Some people also choose to adopt a child who is related to them.

The adoption process can be a tedious one. Although it can vary depending on where you are adopting your child, expect a long, drawn-out process. It can take anywhere from a few months to several years to finalise an adoption.

You will have to complete a home study. A caseworker will come to your home and make sure that you and your partner are fit to be parents. Additionally, adoption can be costly. If you adopt a child from overseas you can expect to pay even more for adoption. The rewards are amazing though, and you would be giving a child a home and stability.

Dealing with a failed IVF can be quite frustrating. The good news is that you have options. You may have success if you go through it again. You can also use donor gametes, a surrogate, or adopt a child.

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