Our day at the #ShareMoreLove event: What’s new in George at Asda this Season Spring Summer 2018


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That’s me and my Mama up there! Last week my Mum and I were invited up to London to The Gallery near Regent Street by ASDA for some time out and pampering. We arrived at the bustling Gallery with it’s luxury interior and headed up to the top floor. Inside was a sumptuous brunch of avocado toast, smoked salmon and eggs, brioche, croissants and plenty of tea.

After we had refreshed ourselves it was time to get our nails done. I went for a bright turquoise to perk up the grey skies and Mum went for an on trend nude colour. It was lovely to get our poor nails in shape. Mine don’t seem to have recovered since I had Daniel, they just don’t grow as well as they used to!

There’s something about having colour on your nails and having them done perfectly for you that gives you an extra spring in your step. It does for me anyway.

I love having the first look at new things that are about to hit the shops, we have a big ASDA living store  near us and it’s so easy to park and shop there. I get a fair amount of my clothes and kids clothes, uniform, homeware and gifts from them. Here’s a sneak peak at what they’ve got coming:


Easter crafts and accessories from George at ASDA



Love this yellow bag with purse attached – would fit everything in! Available for £18 at George at ASDA



Spring boots that will go with everything, from George at ASDA



Moroccan style peasant dress with full skirt, can’t wait to get this from George at ASDA

From taking a look at the clothes they had, peasant Moroccan style is going to be big this year, as well as yellow, florals and botanicals.

We also got to meet celebrity hairdresser Andrew Barton, who is the pro stylist behind ASDA’s haircare range. It’s all infused with Argan oil, of which I am a recent convert to. I put it on after I wash my hair and it’s transformed my hair, seriously you have to try it (this is the one I’m using if you’re interested). You only need a tiny amount and it coats your hair, keeping it shiny. I can’t stop swishing it and playing with it now. Alternatively, make sure your shampoo and conditioner is infused with it. Andrew Barton’s range has recently had a makeover. The products look and feel like a luxury product, but you’re getting them at ASDA prices, so keep an eye out for them in store.


Lastly we were introduced to the nSPA range from yes, George at ASDA. I didn’t realise how extensive the range was. I’m a bit of a soap and water and moisturise woman, but I do like all the nice smelling skincare products, and I’m partial to a face mask and facial here and there.  As well as their sacred spa collection, for luxury and pampering, their skincare products are all colour coded depending on your needs, and numbered.



Number 1 is for cleansing, number 2 is for treatments and number 3 is for moisturising. The range is exclusive to ASDA, and is against animal testing and animal products. The lab they use shares the same formulations as other top brands. I’ve been using the expert rejuvenating serum, which is a light weight moisturiser that smells divine and produces results. It’s too soon to tell whether I’m turning back time or not, but I’m enjoying using it. The different colours represent how much skin help you need.


What a great way to celebrate Mother’s day and to spend time together. I hope you enjoyed this little snapshot into the new season’s range at ASDA, what’s your favourite product?

Disclosure: we received travel expenses and goody bags in return for this post. All opinions are my own.

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  • Reply Kathryn Redmond

    What a lovely day! Every mum needs a day like this! Loving the Easter crafts and boots in George too.

    March 15, 2018 at 10:32 pm
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