Tips for Decorating your Hallway

Tips for Decorating your Hallway

Your Hallway is the first thing you visitors will see of your home, and we all know that first impressions do count. Your hallway has lots of potential and in this post we will discuss some top tips to amaze your visitors as soon as they enter your home.

Wall Colours

When choosing a palette of colours for the walls and floor, it is generally better to go for light or neutral colours as they help to make the most of the light in the room. This is absolutely imperative with hallways as they tend to be small, dark spaces. Using these lighter shades will help to open up the space as much as possible. Darker colours will simply make the room feel smaller and more cramped, so should generally be avoided. The main benefit to neutral colours is that they are so incredibly versatile. This makes decorating and accessorising easy.

Focal Point


Now, when we say focal point you might be thinking about putting something in the middle of the room which could be a bit strange in a hallway. This is definitely not what we mean. With a focal point, we mean that you should use decor as a way of drawing attention away from the size of the room. This could be a beautiful wallpaper for a single wall for example. Another idea is to make the most of art work. This can add dimension and atmosphere to a room. If you’re lucky enough to have a larger hallway, or even entrance way, you can use a chest of draws or a side table which you can decorate with photo frames, sculptures or even vases of flowers.


You might not have considered it yet, but the flooring in your hallway can have a dramatic impact on the look on your hallway.  Since it is a high traffic area, you will need a hard wearing floor to be able to stand the heavy footfall. Naturally, a wood floor is ideal for this since they are unbelievably hard wearing as well as aesthetically pleasing. Unlike a tile or stone, wood floors have that warmth and character that no other floor can offer. A huge trend right now is parquet flooring. It’s unique pattern really adds fluidity to a floor, which is perfect for hallways as this can elongate these narrow spaces.


Of course, you have other options. A more classic straight plank can also offer that sophisticated look that will sure to wow any guests. If you think you hallway could face temperatures fluctuations and moisture, then we would suggest an engineered floor. Unlike a solid wood floor, engineered floors don’t contract or expand with temperature. This means you can use them safely with underfloor heating. You can always add a hall runner rug that not only acts as an amazing decoration item, but is also an extra layer of to protection for the floor against dust and debris carried in on the bottom of shoes.

Ultimately, the decision is yours as to what style and colours are best for your unique hallway. However, we hope these tips can help to guide you to create a hallway that will leave your guests stunned!

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  1. March 28, 2018 / 7:27 pm

    Love the tips in this post! I did some of the same things to my bathroom using wallpaper coverings. The project came out great!

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