12 Odd Jobs to Help Your Teen Earn Money This Winter

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The holiday season is upon us! The most expensive time of the year, even if you’ve been saving your side hustle money.  If you have an only child or a family of 10, these next two months will drain your energy and your bank account. So, why not have your teens pitch in! A temporary seasonal job can be a win/win for you and your teen. They get extra spending money and you keep them out of trouble while school is out. Plus, hard work can teach them the true value of those Adidas. Check out these 12 winter job ideas that are flexible and fun!

  • Envelope Stuffing/Addressing

Who wants to address dozens of Christmas cards? Nobody, unless you pay them. Help your teen set up a envelop stuffing and addressing business. It’s a big bonus if they have a talent for hand lettering or calligraphy. Help your teen decide on a low cost per envelope, then advertise through social media. Christmas cards need to arrive before the 25th, so this temporary job is over long before the festivities begin!

  • Make and Sell Christmas Cards

Does your teenager have an artistic flair? Or love to make arts and crafts? Even simple holiday cards are in high demand, so have your teen try their hand at graphic design. You can sell handmade cards at craft fairs, or open an Etsy shop. Throw in addressing and envelope stuffing as a premium add on. This is a great option for younger teens who don’t have transportation.

  • Pet Sitting

Travelling during the holidays is stressful enough without carting our furry family members all over the country. Most families opt for pet care of some sort, and they are willing to pay for it! Your teen is offering a high value service by checking in on your neighbours’ chihuahua.  This is typically best for teens that are 15 years and older as you’ll be fully responsible for the pet as you’re the sitter.

  • Snow Removal

If you are lucky enough to live in a place with a guaranteed white Christmas, then you know that snow has to go. Snow removal is a great seasonal job.  Depending on the weather where you live, this could be a service they offer for months before and after the holidays. It only requires a few inexpensive tools and a lot of endurance to get started.

  • Christmas Decorating


Everyone loves the beautiful lights and decorations that line the cosy neighbourhood streets. Which is why those of us with lazy bones are willing to pay someone else to decorate. Putting up lights and decorations can be a multi-person job, so this is a great option for teens to do with their friends or siblings! Split the work, split the reward.

  • Baby Sitting

With the holiday season comes holiday parties. Babysitters are a hot commodity this time of year. Even if your teen has no experience, December is the perfect month to start a lucrative business. Encourage your teen to become CPR certified, or sign up with local babysitting groups to give them a boost.

  • Gift Wrapping

When I was a kid, my dad paid me $.25 a present to do all his wrapping for him. I always knew which gifts were mine… because I didn’t wrap them. Let your teen take wrapping to the next level and spread the wrapping paper across the neighbourhood! Maybe charge a bit more than $.25 a present…

  • Personal Shopping

Oh no! You forgot to buy your sister a gift! Your teen can ease everyone’s gift-giving stress by offering a personal shopping service. More personal than a gift card and just as convenient as Amazon, a savvy personal shopper could be in high demand. This is a great option for a thoughtful teen who loves to shop!

  • House Sitting

For older teens, house sitting is a great way to earn a good chunk of change. Many people travel over the holidays and need a variety of things looked after at home. The more your teen is in the house, the more they can expect to get paid. House sitting often comes with the added benefit of freeing up space in your own home. If your teen is staying overnight at the neighbours, your in-laws can stay in their room!

  • Winter Camp Instructor

For steadier, hourly work this winter, your teen should apply to be a winter camp counsellor. Winter camps are short day camps that occupy younger kids during the school break. They can be full or half day, but will guarantee an hourly wage (usually between $10 -$15/hour) for a couple of weeks. These camps need instructors in all areas, from sports to art to academics. No matter your teen’s strengths and interests, they can find a job at a winter camp!

  • Photographer

Christmas is a time for family portraits, but a professional portrait session can be very expensive. With a simple DSLR camera, you can take beautiful family portraits right in someone’s own home. For the teen photographer who isn’t into portraits, there are still a host of beautiful pics to snap (and sell). There are several options for selling stock photography on the internet.

  • Christmas Clean Up Service

Even if your family will be travelling, your teen can cash in when you return home. Offer a “Christmas Clean Up” service to friends and neighbours. Take down and wrap decorations, dispose of Christmas trees, and recycle wrapping paper. Basic maid services, like vacuuming and dusting, can be added at a premium. Though it may not be a steady gig, it’s a great way for a teenager to earn a little extra this winter.

Your teen may not have time for a traditional job, but that doesn’t mean they can’t earn their keep this winter. Looking for a side-hustle yourself? Check out these money makers for mum’s to be.

Ron Stefanski is the founder of JobsForTeensHQ.com and has a passion for helping teenagers find jobs.  He created the website because he feels that teenagers need to focus on their professional passions much earlier in life and aims to teach them how they can do that.  When he’s not working on his website, Ron is a college professor and loves to travel the world. 

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December 3, 2018
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