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William just turned eight and at the moment he has to be tempted away from his computer and Xbox, It was a little difficult to buy for him, I want him to be active yet entertained. He loves the idea of virtual reality games, we’ve tried the cardboard VR sets you get with smartphones, and he’s seen the proper VR sets but they’re a little out of budget! The Alien vision game seemed a fun alternative.

What you get in the Alien Vision Game Set

It comes in a nice big box that makes for an impressive present, with the headset visible through the plastic window and lots of alien pictures.

In the box you get the gun, the headset which comes in two pieces that slot together, and 4 alien cards. You will need AAA batteries – 4 for the gun and 3 for the headset, they aren’t included. The gun makes an impressive sound when triggered, which is enough to keep all the children entertained for ages, but a little wearing for me after a while.

How to play Alien Vision

It’s best to play in low light so curtains drawn we had a go. You have to turn the gun on first and make sure it flashes up to zero, then turn the headset on and fire the gun at the goggles. You need to make sure it’s synched together otherwise your score doesn’t count.

Once the game starts, aliens appear on the inside of the goggles, either in the right, left or centre. You need to have the gun raised up and it works by shooting backwards and racking up your score. The different colours are coded for certain points, the common green ones are 1 point each with the rarer yellow aliens giving you 2 points. Each game lasts for 90 seconds. It’s a fun game but after a while I can see it having limitations. The cards can then come into play, you can hide them around the room and find them on your mission to shoot for more points. You could have tournaments and play-offs within the family. I’d say the age range is about 5-10, with the recommended age being 5+. It’s been popular in our house, with the gun getting slightly more use than the game as a whole!


Disclosure: we received the game for the purpose of this post. All opinions are my own. Contains affiliate links.

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  • Reply Cath Whittaker

    Oooh my eldest loves aliens will have to take a look x

    August 24, 2017 at 7:52 am
  • Reply Rochelle -

    This reminds me of the laser tag game my brother had as a kid!

    August 24, 2017 at 11:01 am
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