How To Make A Wow-Factor First Impression With Your Hallway

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When it comes to decorating your home, some rooms will always matter more to you than others. Creating a kitchen that you love is always going to be at the top of your list because it’s often the heart of the family home. At the same time, you’re going to want a living room that you feel comfortable in, and a beautiful bathroom too. But there are other spaces around the home that always get left to the side.

The hallway or entryway is one of them. Because it’s a space that you don’t necessarily use to live in, it can often fall to the bottom of your home renovation list. However, your hallway is a room that should matter to you the most. Not only is it a space that you use every day, but it’s also what your guests see first. So if you want to make a good first impression, here’s how to give your hallway the wow-factor.

Start With The Door

The first thing that you’re going to want to work on the front door. When your guests arrive, they often make initial judgements on your home based on what it looks from the outside. So while you’re tackling the entryway, you should cover off the door too – as it’s still makes up a part of the hall. Be sure to choose a front door that suits the outside of your house, as well as your interiors.

Dress The Outside

When the front door is picked out, then you’re going to want to make sure you dress the outside to match. Front door decor can be a lot of fun. You can add in sweet little plans either side of the door, and even hang a wreath or a sign on the front door too. There’s also the front mat for the outside to think about too. With this part complete, you can then move inside.

Pick Practical Flooring

One of the major decision for your hallway interior is the flooring. Because your hallway is the spot where people first enter your house, the floor should be practical. With muddy shoes, leaves, snow and other outside elements creeping their way indoors, you need something that is easy to clean and take care of. So consider the simple flooring ideas for your entryway that can make is a function space for you to manage.

Choose Your Theme

You should also think about the theme you want to work with across the entire entryway. Whether you want things to be homely or minimal, country or modern, now’s the time to decide. To pick out the rest of your decor and make sure that everything works, it helps to have your theme in mind from the start.

Choose A Colour Palette

Now that you’ve got your theme chosen, you also need to choose the colours that you want to work with too. For this, you don’t have to have everything matchy matchy. But, you should aim to work with colours that compliment each other. Regardless of what palette you choose, just make sure that you pick out the paint or wallpaper next and start with your decorating.

Dress The Stairs

Then, you’ve got the stairs to think about. More often than not, the stairs are what people first see when they walk in through the door. So, it’s worth making sure they stand out. There are lots of different staircase designs that you could work with. Whether you’re adding in something new, or working with what you’ve got, you should also look into the ways you can dress it. With a striking bannister and middle runner, you can make sure your stairs set off the entryway.

Choose Your Storage Solutions

As everything starts to come together, you also need to make another key decision. Storage options can often make or break your decor. It’s likely that you’ll need a coat stand for the hallway or some kind of hooks and hanging points. You may also want to go with a mudroom design that gives you hooks and store storage as well as a bench to sit at.

Accessorise Away

Then, finally, you’re going to want to accessorise the space. It’s tempting to just paint the room, add in your storage and call it a day. But when you want your entryway to make a wow-factor first impression, accessorising is a must. You may want to add in some wall art, mirrors, or decorative furniture. Either way, just make sure you add some character and personality to the space in the way that you decorate it.

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August 17, 2017
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