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If you work in a job that has transferable skills you could be jetting off to the other side of the world - with a little help, it's possible

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The great thing about having a job that is in need worldwide is that you have the opportunity to travel with it. For the majority of people nowadays, especially the self-employed and freelance workers, there is always the chance to get away and travel to new and exciting destinations as the job is under your control and command. It’s more of a going-where-the-work’s-available sort of thing rather than remaining in a place permanently. For those who work in a job like the Police Force, NHS and teaching professions, there are now more opportunities than ever to travel with your work and make a difference elsewhere.

Finding the Jobs

Most of the jobs aren’t necessarily advertised, but are recruited internally. It may be that you have needed to prove yourself within your line of work, or shown certain capabilities and resilience that the new post requires. Moving to another country is hard work, especially if you have a family to consider and move along with you, and your bosses or new employers will be looking for you to show that you can manage the stress of it all. This is especially important if working in a nursing/doctoral profession and taking your career to a foreign place; there are enough stresses to manage when dealing with new situations in new conditions (it may not be quite up to the standards that you are used to/you may not have the materials required), and so being able to take care of everything that is presented towards you however big or small it is, is a positive quality.

If you work in a job that has transferable skills you could be jetting off to the other side of the world - with a little help, it's possible

Managing the Family

Taking the whole family out with you, regardless of how long your contract or required length of stay is for, is a massive upheaval. There are companies that can help out with specific moves across the same continent such as Matthew James removals, but you may need to have a more varied and wider search for more choice if the move is on a bigger scale. Some children don’t react well to any moves, and so reassurance needs providing every step of the way. It’s also not just the children’s reactions and feelings that you need to consider, but also those of your partner. It can feel sometimes like they’re being pushed out if they’re not specifically moving forward to go for anything job-wise, and you don’t really know how well you know somebody until you put them into a situation that either of you have ever been in before. Make sure that you are certain it is good for the both of you.

Securing the Future

It’s not a brilliant idea to head towards a location that has taken a lot of effort to get to without putting into place a plan for the future. Even if it’s just a general goal of how long you’ll be staying, or what to do if you absolutely hate it and need a safety net to fall back on, the more things you think about in regards to moving away, the better.

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April 5, 2017
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