November’s Birth Story

November’s Birth Story

It’s a little late but it’s still November so here we go. This month’s birth story comes from Clare, who blogs at Sons Sand and Sauvignon (all things I love).  Her birth story is of her third child Kinley and she describes her hospital waterbirth complete with comedy moments!  Enjoy x

So here is my birth story. Where I met my final little boy; Kinley

My birth story

So, you’ve done it twice before, one a nightmare, one a breeze. You read everywhere that the third labour is usually more like the first than the second. Great! I was nervous! Incredibly nervous.

It was December. I was trying to get organised for Christmas, but had no energy! Hubby ended up putting the decorations up (the first and last time!) I was grumpy, fat, uncomfortable and oh so sleepy!

In the week leading up to ‘labour day’ I spent my entire time on social media to my sister and best bird, Briony (she is about to return the favour I am sure!) giving every detail of my niggles. As I discovered I was in labour with Ellis whilst I was desperately trying to go to the toilet, actually going this time around was an issue for me so that usually dominated the entire conversation, and both received many bathroom door pics via snapchat!

They always say, you will know when it’s time! and I do not disagree, you really will. There is just that small problem of thinking every time is THE time for about a week leading up to the actual event! If Kinley had been my first baby, I think I would have had about 12 trips to the labour ward, just to be turned away again.

I had a huge burden this time around too, we had no childcare.

If I went into labour at 3am, the boys were coming along for the adventure!

I considered a home birth to make life easier, but I was just too nervous to go ahead with it. Plus my home was still a bit all over the place from moving so I didn’t feel comfortable bringing a life into to the world in that environment.

The Saturday before labour day, I had told my dad to be on standby (it would take him three hours to get to mine) and got James home from work as I thought it was really happening. Then everything stopped

Nothing Sunday. The same on the Monday.

I was concerned Kinleys movements had reduced over the weekend so on the Monday I popped down to the hospital (its around the corner-and a tiny hospital with a midwife led unit in it)

The midwife was happy with everything but offered me a sweep. Hell yes!

Then I came home.


I woke up the next morning absolutely fine. no pain, no braxtons, but baby was moving!

Most of the Tuesday all was fine so we headed out for a walk down to the beach. Whilst having dinner I was incredibly uncomfortable and the tightening’s that had started at the beach were getting stronger but I didn’t want to get my hopes up all over again. I helped James get the boys ready for bed, then at just after 7pm I decided I should probably have a bath. Things were getting intense. Whilst in the bath I decided it was time to think about what we were going to do with the boys, as this time was DEFINITELY it! Luckily one of the girls that works with James was off, and I knew her so was comfortable with her babysitting as the boys were both fast asleep in bed anyway.

At 8:30 I called the midwife unit. The unit closes at 8pm so they would need to send their on call midwife to the hospital to meet me. Our babysitter arrived a few minutes after. She couldn’t get over how calm and quiet I was. To say I was definitely in labour by now I surprised myself by how I was handling the pain. The contractions were now about a minute apart and lasting for a fair while (I couldn’t be bothered to count!), but yet I was so calm.

We arrived at the hospital before the midwife, so we waited outside the labour ward. And waited. And waited. After 15 minutes we called them again and asked where they were. They thought we were going up to Colchester hospital not our local one. Luckily it was the on call midwife James was talking to so she said she would be no more than ten minutes. I wasn’t sure whether I would last another ten minutes as the urge to push was creeping in a little bit. I had visions of giving birth in the corridor. James was looking slightly grey. I think he had the exact same thoughts going through his head.

Luckily she arrived within 5 minutes and took me in to be examined. I was 8cm dilated. She headed off to run the birthing pool for me. She said it would take twenty minutes to fill but I was welcome to get in whilst it was running. I needed something to take the edge off the pain and I knew the water would do just that.

After being in the pool ten minutes I had a huge urge to go to the toilet, but wasn’t 100% sure whether it was a need to go or just the urge to push, so I just let my body do what it needed to. Well it just so happened, it was the toilet I needed.  James was freaking out a little bit as poo floated around the pool. He was frantically trying to find something to get it out, but there wasn’t anything. He had no choice but to pick it up and run it to the toilet. At that point the midwife came in. James was still freaking out about what he had just had to do. “oh I’ve got a net for that”. James couldn’t believe it! He had just picked up his wife’s poo with his bare hands…and she had a net!

Then I felt the need to go again. Surely not?!

But once again I allowed my body to just go with it. And it did. Again. The problem was, it wouldn’t stop. I remember shouting at James, “James, I’m doing another poo and it wont stop!” I was becoming more and more embarrassed. I get these things happen during labour but I didn’t want it to be me! Now James knew there was a net he found the whole experience hilarious.

I was devastated as the longest poo I have ever seen was just there, bobbing around in the pool. Surely the midwife’s little net wasn’t going to catch that bad boy!?!?! Have you ever tried laughing whilst you’re mid contraction?! Don’t, its really hard! I was so embarrassed but there was literally nothing I could do about it. It is a damn good job James and I are so comfortable around one another. The midwife’s net managed to remove it fortunately.

Pretty soon after I was definitely ready to go.

So I started to push (a baby out this time!)

It hurt! Bloody hurt! I repeatedly told James how much it hurt and how I’d forgotten just how painful it was. Then after a few pushes Kinley’s head was there. I then did what I hadn’t done before. I felt him. His little head. I hadn’t met him yet but I fell in love right there. Another push and he was here. 9:54pm My little squashed head newborn.

kinley first pic

He was gorgeous and the spitting image of his biggest brother, Hayden. I struggled to keep his head out of water because I was emotional. Buzzing with love and happiness. This beautiful little monkey was completing our gorgeous family. This tiny little human being had changed my outlook on so many things before he was even part of the world and I will never be able to thank him enough for that!

beaut baby



We arrived home at 12:30pm. I was so tired yet there wasn’t much chance of sleep. I was high on love!

Kinley birth


Thank you so much Clare for sharing your story with us.  If you’d like to share your birth story with me you’re more than welcome, contact me on the form below or leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.  Any type of story is welcome.

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