Our Portugal Bucket List

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This year our big family adventure is to Portugal. In particular, we’ll be staying in a small resort on an all inclusive site close to Albufeira. My husband and I have never been to Portugal, and the furthest the children have been is France. This will be their first time on a plane, they’re so excited. I can’t sit next to three of them, so I hope William will sit with Daddy on the flight and I’ll sit with the younger two. It’s a given that Daniel will want to sit next to me as he’s still very much attached to me and Daddy won’t do when I’m around.

Once we’ve got over the initial flight experience the real adventure will begin. We’ve booked with Jet2Holidays in an all inclusive resort with tickets to the famous Zoomarine park included in the holiday. But what else can we do apart from sit around by the pool? Well, I’ve been on a mission to find and make our own little bucket list, just for fun to see what we can tick off on our Portugal trip. Whether we end up completing it all is another matter, but we’ll give it a damn good try. I’m sharing it here with you guys, and for the family as a reference. I’d love to be able to look back after the holiday to see what we did tick off the list.

Our Portugal Bucket List

Caves at Albufeira, Photo by Eurico Craveiro on Unsplash
  • Have a lazy day at the beach with a picnic and sandcastles
  • Have a ping pong competition
  • Eat local food, try something new
  • Try some local Port (probably bring some home)
  • Lots of swimming together
  • Go to the Pau Da Banderia Viewpoint
  • See the iconic bell tower in Albufeira
  • Less screen time
  • Take the elevator to the top of the cliffs in Albufeira for a view across the bay
  • Eat as much as we can for breakfast
  • Eat ice cream whenever we want
  • Laugh together
  • Mum to take a spa morning off
  • Mummy and Phoebe to get their hair done
  • Mummy and Phoebe to paint their nails
  • Everyone to read at least one holiday book
  • Build the biggest sandcastle
  • Play tennis together
  • Play table football
  • Feed a ray at Zoomarine park
  • Feed the parrots at Zoomarine
  • Keep a scrapbook
One of the parrots at Zoomarine, Photo by Ricardo Pereira on Unsplash

Phew! That list will certainly keep us busy no doubt, and if we don’t do everything, well, it’s no pressure. This holiday will have it’s stressful times I’m sure, and there will be moaning, whining, fighting and lost tempers. There will be good memories and souvenirs, a touch of sunburn perhaps, an injection of Portugese culture and the feeling that we are just a bit special to be able to deserve it. The truth is, it takes hard work to pay for it all and the dream that it is possible. Where are you going this year? Will you be making a bucket list? I highly recommend doing some basic research into your destination before you go, and have an idea of what the whole family want to gain out of going away together. I asked the children what they wanted to put on the list, which is why we’ve ended up with some funny ones and seemingly simple items. It’s what they wanted – it’s often the little things that they crave and will remember.

Us on holiday last year, 4 out of 5 are smiling

My childhood holiday memories

I remember going camping, and most of our holidays were to France. The south of France was our main destination, with an occasional foray to Devon, Yorkshire or the Norfolk coast. It meant spending time with family and my Granny, who often came with us. There was usually a bit of rain, some sun and lots of adventure. Once I was about 12/13 we got a holiday home in Languedoc, France which meant that it became like a second home. I would like to go back in a few years with the family. I’m making different memories with the children, I did take them to (Northern) France last year to a cottage, this year I wanted very much a resort and all inclusive sounded like heaven to me. Let’s see!

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March 15, 2019
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  • Reply Newcastle FamilyLife

    My dad took my teen on holiday to Portugal last year and she loved it, they stayed at Eden resort in Albufiera and she adored visiting the old town and the beach. It looks beautiful on the photos and out of all the holidays we have taken her on (she goes abroad every year) she says that was the nicest resort she has stayed in. Hope you have a lovely time xx p.s Jet2 holidays are fab, we went with them for the first time last year and we could not fault them at all as they made travelling with kids so stress free.

    March 22, 2019 at 12:42 pm
    • Reply Midwife and Life

      Thank you, we are so looking forward to it!

      March 22, 2019 at 6:58 pm

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