Re-usable dryer balls tried and tested

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Many of us are trying to reduce our plastics nowadays and also find reusable options where possible. As you know, I’ve tried out other eco products before like the Ecoegg. I saw on social media not long ago about making your own felt ball instead of tumble dryer sheets and I was intrigued. I got these set of three wool dryer balls to try, and I added my own essential oils to them to make my own scent. I realise it would be more environmentally friendly to not use a tumble dryer and wait for a dry windy day but needs must when you have three children.

The hardest thing at first was convincing my other half and children that they weren’t snowballs to be thrown around at will. That done, they now have a permanent home in the garage with the tumble dryer on a shelf of their own. You just add a few drops of your favourite essential oil or a bit of Zoflora and chuck one in. When it loses it’s scent you can add more. They claim to shorten drying time by up to 30%, make your clothes softer and prevent static electricity. The Eco Dryer Balls are a natural and environmentally-friendly product that replaces fabric softener. They are made of 100% wool and are sold for £9.99 for a pack of 3.

Results of using the dryer balls: clothes are not static and have a soft feel. I find no difference between these and the dryer sheets you get from the supermarket. It costs far less over time and you feel like you are being kinder to the environment in your own small way. The 3 dryer balls should last pretty much forever.

This blog post is part of a review of items I was given from the coolstuff website. They have loads of items you need, some you want and some you never thought you needed. The website is easy to navigate, and when you search you get suggestions coming up which cut down the guesswork. They ship worldwide and have clearance items. There is a 90 day return policy and you can get free shipping with orders over £29.95. With Christmas coming up I advise bookmarking them. Other items I got:

Retro letter board and letters:


I was on the border of buying one of these, it’s a blogging must have surely?! It’s a thing of beauty in my eyes, I’ve been playing about with it for my Instagram feed with great results. It comes with it’s own set of letters, except there’s no hashtag or & sign. I plan on getting a letter pack soon so I can vary my quotes a bit. I also have in mind to use it for family parties, dinner parties, Christmas, Halloween and more. You can find it on for £49.99.

Himalayan salt lamp:


I’ve been hankering after one of these for a while, I like the soft glow and the crystal like look of them, plus I love salt! They are said to have health benefits, pumping out positive ions. So far I just like it as a lamp. It’s impossible to say whether it has had an impact on my health, but I’m happy to try anything. It’s very heavy (5-7kg), and I managed to drop the bulb out of it meaning we had to replace it (a fridge bulb does the trick), but worth the investment. This salt lamp retails at £24.99. It has a wooden base and the final look will vary between products.

Prepara Drydock Drying mat for the drainer:

We have wooden worktops and no drainer so we could have more work space. I have a small plastic drainer but this dryer pad is so useful for popping out when we have some washing up to drain without soaking the wood worktops. We have a dishwasher so it’s for occasional use. I like the fact you can fold it up and it has enough padding to do the job, plus it has antibacterial properties. Perfect for small spaces like ours. The current price for the prepara drying mat is £12.99. Drydock absorbs five times more moisture than a regular cotton towel, and because the Drydock Dish Drying Mat allows the air to circulate underneath itself, it won’t smell of dead dog after just one week. I pop mine on our windowsill like a book on a shelf when not in use.


What do you think of my picks? Would you make the switch to dryer balls? I’m glad I have, and wish I’d done it sooner.

Disclosure: I was gifted the items in return for this post. All opinions are my own.

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