The Sun Returns! Get You and Your Home Ready for Spring

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Spring has sprung, now we notice all the dirt and need a new wardrobe - let's get ready for summer together.

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People spend winter hoping for the spring and summer months to come back as soon as possible. But sometimes the appearance of the warmer, brighter weather can catch you off-guard. For me, this happens with cleaning – suddenly everything looks rather dirty and the light shows all the dust. Don’t let this happen to you. Ensure that you’re ready for spring and summer 2017 with this essential guide.

Get yourself a haircut

The winter weather isn’t exactly friendly to your hair! In fact, many people tend not to pay too much attention to hair care during these months, mostly because problems will just arise again soon enough. So when things start to get a little warmer, your hair will often look like it’s been through a pretty rough patch in a number of ways!

In winter, the cold weather leads to a lot of dryness. The freezing air basically pulls moisture out of your hair. If you’ve been wearing hats quite often during winter, then this may have created some problems with flatness, as well as an uneven texture to your hair. (Unless your hat covered all of your hair, you’ll have some hair that was somewhat protected from winter dryness and other hair that wasn’t!) Many also notice some dullness, as well as an abundance of split ends.

So take some time to restore your hair. Get those split ends cut out and start remoisturizing. Basically, you need to bring your hair back to life!

Review your wardrobe

If there’s something to be thankful for when the winter months comes round, it’s the excuse to pull out some of your best clothing. Winter clothes are often among the best in our wardrobe, so it’s sometimes with a heavy heart that the chill leaves the air and we’re forced to place them back in the wardrobe to remain untouched for half a year or so.

Of course, this will be made even worse if you find that you don’t like your spring and summer clothes anymore. This isn’t particularly likely, though it’s not the only problem when it comes to clothing for the warmer months. You need to ensure that these clothes still fit you. You also have to ensure that they’re actually ready to wear – a few months in the wardrobe can sometimes leaves them smelling a bit musty.


If you’re really into keeping up with fashion trends, then you’re probably going to want to do some spring and summer clothes shopping now. You’ll often find the best deals – and the best items – are being sold during the final weeks of winter, so be sure to keep an eye out on the trends on the horizon.

Consider your exercise routine

A lot of people notice that their exercise routine seems to suffer during winter months. After all, you’re much less motivated to go outside and run if the air feels like it’s biting you. One could argue that a gym membership will cancel that kind of worry, but even then, people often find that they don’t want to face the outside chill even if it’s just on the way to and from the gym.

Even if you’ve been exercising at home, the chances are that you haven’t had an opportunity to keep up the pace quite as much as you would have liked. So you, along with many other people, may find that you’re not quite in the shape you want to be in when spring is on the approach. So you need to start getting back into a more vigorous exercise routine fairly soon!


This can be of extra importance to those who want to maintain what we’ll call the “bikini body”. Winter brings a reluctance to go outside as well as several excuses to spoil yourself rotten with food. So a little weight gain is rarely a surprise. If it bothers you, then you may want to look into getting back into exercise with the help of a specific program designed to bring back your bikini body. It’s important that you pick the right one, however – they’re not all alike, and some may not help you much. Check out a review of the Bikini Body Guide workout, for example.

Get your home ready

A lot of people spend the winter months longing for the warm weather to make its return. After all, it’s nice not to have to worry about extra clothing, heating bills, increased indoor moisture, that sort of stuff, right? Of course, when late spring and summer start to rear their heads, many of us suddenly find ourselves longing for those winter months again, especially when we’re at home. Unless you can get your home properly cooled, it can be a much more unpleasant experience than winter.

If you have an air conditioner, you should probably make sure it gets cleaned and serviced before you actually have to use it. During the months of inactivity, several problems may have arisen. It’s important to get any potential problems discovered and seen to immediately. During spring and summer, HVAC companies are often booked solid! There are ways in which you can solve air conditioning problems yourself, too. Whatever the case, make sure you have

Of course, it’s not just the temperature you have to worry about. The cold weather probably prevented you from doing a bunch of chores that you may want to revisit. Gardening, for example, is frequently put off completely when it’s winter. Your outdoor plumbing might need an inspection, your roof might need inspecting, and so on! If you’re worried about any of these, consider hiring a contractor to help out with the task list.

Plan activities

So how about taking a more fun approach to this subject? If you’ve got a family that you’ll need to entertain during spring and summer breaks, then why not start looking into potential activities now? It can often work out cheaper if you start booking things now, as opposed to trying to book activities among the spring and summer frenzies.

If you want to be really adventurous this year, then you may even want to consider looking at child-friendly holidays for you and the family Again, it may turn out to be much cheaper if you start booking tickets now.

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March 22, 2017
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