How to keep on top of your laundry when you have three kids

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If you’ve been to my house and you know me, you’re probably laughing really hard at the title of this post, because I often have piles of clothes waiting to go upstairs and more waiting upstairs. But sometimes, I do get on top of it. If I wash a load of laundry at least every other day and do some putting away twice a week it doesn’t start taking over the universe. I’ve been gathering laundry tips to make life easier and this is what I’ve got. We’re all in this together remember, and no-one reaches the end of the laundry pile for long.

Two piles only

I only sort into whites and everything else. It works for me so far. I wash bedding and towels separately, when they start to smell less than fresh.

Keeping whites white

I’m ashamed to say I’ve only recently discovered how to do this! Firstly, follow the point above and wash whites separately. Secondly, use a whitening agent like Ace whites for laundry. I saw Mrs Hinch using it and yes, I bought it. Why was I not using it before? Who knows. Now my whites are no longer an embarrassing grey shade.

Ironing hacks

I have the best ironing hack ever. I pay someone to do it for me! Every two weeks I have my ironing basket collected and returned to me the next day on white hangers ready to go in the wardrobe. It costs around £15 and it’s the best use of my money. If you are in desperate need of ironing quickly, put the item in the tumble dryer with an ice cube for 10 minutes, it will drop it’s creases. My dream is to be able to outsource the laundry too, but I’m not feeling that flush yet. When I am, I’ll use a company like Laundryheap. Did you know such a thing existed?

Laundryheap is a leading on-demand service in the laundry and dry-cleaning industry. They will collect and deliver your order for free, within 24 hours to your home, office or hotel. You can book online on the website or the mobile app. Sounds brilliant – I wonder if you could get them to sort it too? #lifegoals

Involve the Children

If you can, put laundry baskets in each of their rooms and get them to actually put their dirty laundry in it. I’m still working on that one. Then, when it comes to sorting, get them to help sort into piles and put their own clothes away.

Have a system

Systems and me don’t work. Maybe it’s the free spirit in me. I do like routine though. But, if you have a system, in theory, you should always be on top of things. Maybe whites on Sunday, then every other day other colours, and bedding and towels in between as needed. Then putting away is an every day check. I think I need more baskets.

Sort as you go

Have one basket or bag for whites and one for others. Make sure everyone follows the plan, then there’s less sorting to do. Every little helps.

Make it smell fresh

Clean your washing machine regularly. Clean the detergent drawer out, and clean around and under the rubber seal. Then, clean the filter out once a month. If you live in a hard water area use a limescale preventer. I like to use a fabric conditioner and those scented balls with every wash. I use eco-balls in the dryer instead of dryer sheets.

What do you do to make laundry easier for you?

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May 30, 2019
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